Alarm system

433MHz or 868MHz wireless alarm system, what's the difference?

433MHz / 868MHz RF Modules

Wire-free, easy to install, portable etc these are benefits to use wireless alarm system. Everyone knows wireless alarm system utilizes wireless frequency to communicate with each devices. Typically every countries have Radio Spectrum Regulatory Agencies (i.e. FCC in USA) which mainly responsible for management of radio spectrum.

Alarm system that you should not to buy

Alarm systems provide good protection for your home and business. These are many things need to consider before take the action to purchase a set. Analysis the requirements (installation environment) is the first step, and choose a suitable one is crucial for you to begin with the installation plan. Not all alarm systems can work correctly and effectively, even some systems will bring with trouble for you.

Disadvantages of IP/Wi-Fi alarm system

Since the rapid development technologies of smart phone and tablet. More and more people are willing to monitoring their home or business via these tech gadgets. Hence, several new security companies launched alarm system based on IP (Internet Protocol).

Disadvantages of wireless alarm system

Wireless alarm system with many advantages of easy operation, without cable layout construction works, beautiful design…etc. Any way, there are big different on security aspect between wireless alarm system and hardwired alarm. Now there are many wireless alarm products manufacturer among the security field, products with different price and quality, we admit that there are quite a lot of good designed products, but most of them with some of defects on designing of products.

Discover the GSM Alarm Systems

Now alarm system goes wireless, everybody want to install an wireless alarm system on protecting premises. It's true wireless technology is not only reliable and increase flexibility, but also reduce the installation cost and free-maintenance. We make this conclusion, not just because the mere factor of we are security company, all statistics and trends show this, thus we herein write this article to discover the GSM alarm system without any bias.

Glossary for video surveillance system and alarm system

This is a great sources that works as a dictionary provides the basic terms information that usually used in video surveillance system and burglar alarm system, this glossary for video surveillance system and alarm system that can helps a lot of people on understanding much more on these equipment. Below we provided information only for reference purpose, the information are collected from Internet, may not accurate.

GSM alarm system self-monitoring no monthly monitoring fee

Recently we launched new GSM alarm system for self-monitoring. The G70E alarm system is new design wireless alarm system which combined with GSM cellular technology for residential and commercial. The system with combination of intrusion detection and fire detection functions, it's the ideal security device to prevent intrusion and fire disaster. Different from other types of alarm system, the G70E alarm system with button keypad design, and this design cut the cost of the alarm panel and provide user-friendly interface for programming and operation.

How many zones should I need for alarm systems?

In a perfect world, every alarm system device would be connected to it’s own panel zone. However, economics and practicality dictate otherwise. When selecting a system, be sure to consider the amount of expansion the unit is capable of, if any, as well as the method of expansion supported, since some equipment is inherently limited. In this case, the adage about “more is better” usually applies.

When designing a system, always attempt to powered devices such as motion detectors and glass break detectors on an independent zone.

Don’t combine different forms of protection on the same zones, such as interior devices and perimeter devices. Perimeter doors and windows can be combined, but consider how you would like the zone to perform (programming). Also keep panic alarms, critical conditioning monitoring, and life safety devices separate and independent from any burglar alarm zone.

How to choose between cctv system and alarm system ?

Which one is better between CCTVand burglar alarm system ? CCTV and burglar alarm are the best security device for deterring the burglary. For the reason of each type of system with unique benefits and can deter the intrusion effectively, experts recommend to choose both. Allowing two systems working together can provide the highest protection level for your residential and commercial.

How to choose DIY alarm system for home, shop, warehouse?

Security alarm systems have been available to only large businesses and wealthy people in the past. Since the rapid changes in the home alarm industry, manufacturers offer wide range of security alarm systems at prices most people can afford. Now every people can purchase a set of DIY alarm for their home property or commercial business. There are huge among and diversity DIY alarm systems are selling in Ebay and Amazon. A lot of people are wondering how to find the best DIY wireless alarm that can give them the peace of mind.

How to connect sensor to IP camera's alarm I/O?

Similar to DVR/NVR, the advanced IP cameras are equipped with alarm input and output (I/O). With this the IO interface, the IP camera can connect sensors to achieve integration solution. For instance, you can connect the IP camera to several intrusion detection sensors for accurate intrusion detection. A high decibel siren also can connect to IP camera.

In conclusion, the alarm I/O can increase the flexibility for your IP camera installation and easily to integrate with other devices and sensors or even alarm panels for integration solution.

How to install burglar alarm system for home protection?

Keeping your home to keep your family safe is an important task in this era, before your home security system like what you post, must be taken several factors for consideration, such as the location of your home and the crime rate in your residence. Depending on where you live, a home alarm system is probably something you should have, or extra measures to prevent and ensure your family is safe and protected.

Wireless alarm system

New digital security systems for home, office, apartments

Digital alarm systems are the modern electronic devices for protecting premises from intrusion, fire or summon aid in an emergency. Digital alarm systems also called burglar alarm system or intrusion alarm system. In the past, digital alarm systems are only limited to applications like military, government facilities, and banks. Now the crime rate steadily increasing, civilian people are concerned about their safety, especially for those people living in modern cities. More over, with rapid technology development, many security manufacturers can offer high quality alarm systems with affordable price. Having installed alarm system for residential and offices become the investment to prevent theft and break-ins, bring peace in mind.

What is gsm alarm system ?

Since the world economy in deep recession and european countries are suffering the debt crisis. Security field are hit badly. Especially for the home monitoring service, like ADT. Now people are more and more preferring the self-monitoring alarm system. self-monitoring alarm means without monitoring service from the company, you don't need to sign the contract, and your house or premise under your monitoring and control.

What is GSM MMS alarm system and how it works

GSM MMS Alarm System is also called as GSM MMS Camera, it is the device that integrated with camera and utilized GSM cellular technology (GPRS) for intrusion detection and alarm. Due to the low speed of transmission for GPRS technology and the expanding coverage of geographical areas for 3G network. The market for GSM MMS Alarm System is shrinking.

What's self-monitoring alarm system?

Nowadays, self-monitoring alarm system gets popular. With implementation of wireless technology, as well as smartphone integration. The self-monitoring alarm system can gives the customer a free "ADT" system for monitoring their residence and business. Monitored alarm service from ADT working as bridge between your property and the police station, fire emergency, and emergency response department. Once an alarm is triggered, the signal will transmit to central monitoring station, the operator will contact home owner for alarm verification. If it's not false alarm, the operator will contact local emergency department.

What’s the infrared alarm system?

With the development of science and technology, before the kind of man with visible light cameras and surveillance video combination for the daily security of the Master is no longer used! Particularly at night and adverse weather conditions prevent lack of capacity is more!

In this case, the advance, the thermal imager, and video alarm system on there! This system is based uncooled infrared imaging system or hardware such as visible light camera systems, infrared / visible composite image, video, image processing and automatic alarm behavior analysis software with integration to existing video surveillance system to monitor labor under good weather, after the evidence but also to enhance all-weather conditions for the care-free man-made, computer automatic real-time alarm function.