What is GSM MMS alarm system and how it works

GSM MMS Alarm System is also called as GSM MMS Camera, it is the device that integrated with camera and utilized GSM cellular technology (GPRS) for intrusion detection and alarm. Due to the low speed of transmission for GPRS technology and the expanding coverage of geographical areas for 3G network. The market for GSM MMS Alarm System is shrinking.

The majority GSM MMS Alarm Systems consist of PIR detection sensors, low-resolution camera, infra-red LEDs and GSM modem inside. How it works ? When the PIR detectors and Camera detect the movement, the alarm will be triggered. When alarm is triggered, the camera will take one or two three pictures, then using GSM modem to send MMS. Infra-red LED is for night vision.

GSM MMS Alarm System consist of PIR motion sensor, camera, infra-red leds

Advantages of GSM MMS Alarm Systems ?

Can send out images to your mobile and E-mail box when it detects movement or other abnormal events is one the major functions for GSM MMS Alarm System. It may also can send SMS and auto dial call, when alarm is triggered.

Disadvantages of GSM MMS Alarm Systems ?

Part 1: Transmission Delay and Low-quality image.

Due to using the GPRS (MMS) to transfer the data. There is more than 10 - 30 seconds delay from alarm is triggered to receive the photos in mobile. The limitation for GPRS bandwidth caused the GSM MMS Camera System has to send low-quality images (small image), that's the reason most of GSM MMS Camera (or alarm system) built-in 30 million pixels CMOS camera. By the way, please note that GSM MMS Alarm System can not send video clips, even for the very short video clip. (If somebody told you that his MMS alarm can send video clip, then you should double check.)

Part 2: Not a true alarm system.

Compared to burglar alarm system, GSM MMS Alarm System without front-end intrusion detection sensors and powerful zone attributes for meeting the requirements of reliable detection and different environment, that means you may get the false alarms frequently.  In addition, without Home Arm and Away Arm functions for home owner is also the major defects design for GSM MMS Alarm System (and other alarm system may without this basic design),  a powerful siren is essential for alarm system, but majority GSM MMS Alarm System with mini design and without powerful siren.

Part 3: GSM MMS Alarm only is suitable for un-professional and DIY customers.

Why GSM MMS is for un-professional and DIY customers ? Except above mentioned core defects and technology neck-bottle, the GSM MMS Alarm Systems don't contain any protocol for central monitoring station. Central management for GSM MMS Alarm System is impossible. Normally alarm system with alarm communication protocols such as SIA, Contact ID, 4+2 Express...etc, these protocols are for alarm system communicate with central monitoring station (CMS).

Part 4: Complicated MMS setting.

Before use the GSM MMS Alarm System, you have to set the MMS protocol on accordance with your service provider. It's complicated for many customers who is not familiar with MMS protocol, also GSM MMS Alarm System without LCD display will increase the programming difficulties. If the MMS protocol setting is incorrect, the GSM MMS Camera will not send out photo.

That's the reason why MMS cameras can not send SMS or Pictures.

You can go to this website for checking MMS setting in world countries: http://www.activexperts.com/xmstoolkit/mmsclist/

Summarize: We do not recommend customers to purchase and install GSM MMS Alarm System, especially for those are not familiar with GSM MMS Alarm System or MMS technology.Think to get a professional alarm system to protect your home and business. If you need the video surveillance monitoring, you can try to install CCTV, with tight budget, then IP camera is the good option. For those want to purchase GSM MMS Alarm, you need to buy a SIM card for making the alarm connect to GSM cellular Network, also choose the correct GSM frequency GSM MMS Alarm that can work in your country.

Reference information:http://www.hkvstar.com/technology-news/does-3g-alarm-system-really-good.html

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