How to choose between cctv system and alarm system ?

Which one is better between CCTV and burglar alarm system ? CCTV and burglar alarm are the best security device for deterring the burglary. For the reason of each type of system with unique benefits and can deter the intrusion effectively, experts recommend to choose both. Allowing two systems working together can provide the highest protection level for your residential and commercial.

First, there are many types of alarm system for selection such as hardwired alarm system, wireless alarm system, all-in-one alarm system. All these systems provide the security and peace of mind for your home. They can be the effective way to protect your family away from intrusion.  The alarm system can work with various types of sensors for different detection and protection.  For the intrusion detection, the widely used sensors are magnetic contact (or reed switch) for windows and doors (or access points), the PIR motion sensor to detect the movement of human in wide space, the glass break sensor to monitor the glass windows. Except the intrusion detection, majority of alarm systems support the fire alarm prevention (smoke & heat sensor) and summon aid (panic or emergency button) features.  When any above emergency occurs, the alarm system will send the alarm signal to home owner or central monitoring station. Due to the alarm system works passively, so it can avoid the privacy problem which may cause by install the cctv.

Next, CCTV works by using one or more cameras to capture the images (video stream) and transmit the images through cables or wireless to digital video recorder for recording and playback in late time or directly to monitor to display the footage in real-time.  The cctv system with many benefits for home owner; first, the cctv system allow home owner to watch the activities in home and around the property or even anywhere via internet. The cctv system also works 24hours 7 days, it doesn't need home owner remember to turn on and turn off.  In the event that a burglary takes place, the video evidence can be used to help authorities find the thief and even find them guilty at a trial. CCTV also has benefits for protecting the family, such as using this security system to watch over babysitters.

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