800 commercial alarm wiring and programming tips

Thank you so much for purchasing our commercial alarm system. In order to help you on installation and programming the 800 series alarm system, our technician team write this article. In this article, you will find the simple and best way to wire the sensors and program the system. If you don't want to follow the manual, now you can follow this article:

Please note that 800 series alarm system working under AC 110, 220V voltage, if you are not familiar with electricity work, please be careful to avoid electricity shock.

1. Start to wiring the alarm system to AC power, you may need the power plug cable.

Wiring AC power

Please note that you need to read the warning mark on the AC/DC transformer to choose correct voltage.

2. Wiring the wired PIR motion sensor

wiring pir motion sensor

In this wiring: Wired PIR sensor connects to alarm panel with three wires: Green (Zone 31), Black (GND), Red (AUX).   AUX is providing the power to motion sensor, EOL resistor is connecting to NC (alarm output) of wired motion sensor.

3. Wiring the wired magnetic contact

Wiring door magnetic contact sensor

In this wiring, wired magnetic contact connect to alarm panel with two wires: Green (Zone 31), Black (GND).

4. Wiring the outdoor strobe siren (VS-YSGJH-C) (Click the image to enlarge the photo.)

Wiring the wired outdoor strobe siren

After finish above wiring, now you need to test these sensors and alarm system. Before commence on the testing these sensors and accessories, you need to do below things:

1. Before turn on the alarm panel, you need to find a valid SIM card, then insert it into alarm panel.

2. Connect the wired keypad, then connect alarm panel to AC power.

3. Input program password (default: 1234), enter into programming mode, then press UP and Down key to select [Zone Attribute]. Using delete key to delete zone number 00, then input the wired zone number 31, press "ENTER", if you do not want to change any other value for this zone. When [Bypass Zone] appears on LCD, you need to select "NO", then with the same method to edit the following zones.

Above steps is the essential to activate the wired zone, the default value for all wired zones are de-activate (Bypass zone set to YES).

After finish above setting, then exit the programming mode, try to trigger the sensor, If the keypad shows the zone name and alarm type, it means the wiring and programming is success.

4. Now input the program password, enter into programming mode, press UP and DOWN key to select [Phone Number], When it appears [Contact ID] and [Personal Number],  If you don't want to use central monitoring station, then choose [Personal Number], then input your personal numbers (example: 0861380013800), press ENTER to confirm, then using the same method you can program other more 4 phone numbers for alarm receiving.

5. Using user password to Arm the system via the keypad or press key on keyfob, the default user password: 1111. Example: Input 11111, the system will Arm. Input 11112, the system will Disarm.

Now triggering the sensor, the keypad will shows the zone name and alarm type, at the same time the system will make phone number to users.

At the end, you may not purchased the backup battery from us. The commercial alarm system can support 12V 7A  and 12V 4.5A battery.

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