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800 commercial alarm wiring and programming tips

Thank you so much for purchasing our commercial alarm system. In order to help you on installation and programming the 800 series alarm system, our technician team write this article. In this article, you will find the simple and best way to wire the sensors and program the system. If you don't want to follow the manual, now you can follow this article:

Please note that 800 series alarm system working under AC 110, 220V voltage, if you are not familiar with electricity work, please be careful to avoid electricity shock.

Burglar alarm system installation tips

Burglary or theft is a common crime in our daily life, so burglar alarm equipment is widely used. Since the developing of technology and  improvement of living quality, the burglar alarm system effectively help people to prevent the burglary crime.

Connect wired ir beam to gsm alarm system

This article is related to wire (connect) wired sensors (including IR beam, PIR motion sensor, Door Magnetic Contact) to wired alarm system. Nowadays many customers are buying alarm system to protect their residential and commercial business. Install wireless alarm kit is pretty easy, but wiring the wired alarm system may turn to nightmare for un-professional people. In order to help our customers on installation our security alarm systems, we herein provide these information.

Frequently asked question for intrusion motion sensor

Today we are going to provide full information about the FAQs of the intrusion motion sensor. As we know, motion sensors are effective sensor for both indoor/outdoor intrusion detection, it has advantages of large coverage detection, accurate detection, as well as affordable price. Motion sensor can be divided into hardwired and wireless versions. Since the rapid development of wireless technology, wireless motion sensor replaced the traditional hardwired one dominate in the market.

Outdoor PIR motion sensor

Guidelines for Installation Smoke Detectors

Guidelines for Locating Smoke Detectors

Experience has shown that all hostile fires in family living units generate smoke to a greater or lesser extent. Experiments using typical fires in family living units indicate that detectable quantities of smoke precede detectable levels of heat in most cases. For these reasons, NFPA standard 72 requires smoke detectors to be installed outside of each sleeping area and on each additional?story of the family unit.

Smoke alarm sensor

Help my GSM alarm can not recognize SIM card

After made the purchasing for a GSM wireless alarm kit, you have to buy a SIM card, and make the GSM alarm systems utilizing the GSM service. It's very bad, when you insert the SIM card, but the GSM doesn't work. Anyway, we herein summarize some useful tips for your reference, help these information can solve your problem.

How to connect hardwired sensor to alarm panel?

Obviously, we have wrote several articles about the hard-wired wiring for the sensors. Unfortunately, it seems the hard-wired connection is not straightforward, and cause headache for some people who are not familiar with hard-wired alarm systems. Since several clients were asking us to provide the wiring diagram with real products for the hardwired connection. Today we write this article with some high definition photos to explain what the hardwired connection is, how to connect the hardwired sensors to alarm system.

How to connect IP camera to alarm system?

Why many residents won't buy the home alarm system for monitoring?  The reason is not only correlated with the expensive cost for monitored alarm equipment, and installation fee, but with correlation of the high false alarm rates.  Many users may experience a false alarm rate of approximately 80%, high false rate leads to both users and central monitoring station overwhelmed with false alarm. In order to solve this problem, first of all, you need to buy high quality equipment with reliability and lowest false alarm rate, as  well with proper installation and usage. The other effective way is using alarm verification procedures.

How to design wireless alarm system to protect home?

Are you considering install home alarm system to your home? Planning a home alarm system can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with these systems. There is a daunting quantity of products to learn and there are many alarm companies trying to tell you what to buy.

We are here to help with a different approach. Assembling a home security system is not regarding choosing from a set of predetermined bundled packages, nor is it with regards to having unneeded devices tacked onto your order to drive up the expense.

How to install burglar alarm system for home protection?

Keeping your home to keep your family safe is an important task in this era, before your home security system like what you post, must be taken several factors for consideration, such as the location of your home and the crime rate in your residence. Depending on where you live, a home alarm system is probably something you should have, or extra measures to prevent and ensure your family is safe and protected.

Wireless alarm system

How to install PIR sensor minimize the false alarm?

One of the biggest problems with installing a motion detector alarm is that they tend to set off false alarms. Contrary to popular belief, false alarms are not caused by cheaper alarms, but instead by bad placement of the alarms.

This means that when you install wireless motion detector alarms, you will need to make sure that you place them in spots which will maximize their effectiveness and minimize their false alarms.

When simple things like air blowing from a furnace, or a bug crawling across the floor can set off your alarm, you are going to be in for a lot of false alarms. This tends to be more of a problem with systems run by ultrasonic or photoelectric beams. These would shoot off a beam and when something interrupted the stream of the beam, the motion detector alarm would sound.

Find the correct installation position for motion sensor

How to install smoke detector for home apartment?

Guidelines for Locating Smoke Detectors

Research has shown that all hostile fires in homes generate smoke to a greater or lesser extent.?Experiments with typical fires in homes indicate that detectable quantities of smoke precede detectable levels of heat in most cases. For these reasons, smoke alarms should be installed out-side of each sleeping area and on each story of the home.

How to program alarm system to wireless lamp holder

Thanks for purchasing our alarm equipment, we herein provide the tutorial on how to program alarm system to our wireless lamp holder. Actually, the programming is simple, but if you are beginner in alarm system or our products, you may find this article help you on programming.

How to program alarm system to wireless strobe siren

This article is related to program wireless alarm system into wireless strobe siren. If you purchased the wireless siren from us, you indeed need to do the programming by yourself.

As described above, you need program the alarm system to siren, not program siren into alarm system.  Herein it's step by step procedures:

How to wire hardwired outdoor strobe siren to our alarm system ?

It seems that hardwired outdoor strobe sirens are get popular nowadays. Now more and more our clients order hardwired outdoor strobe siren for alarm system. Although the hardwired outdoor strobe siren come with user manual and installation manual, but many clients are get confused on how to connect it to our alarm system. We hereby use the G70 as an example for the connection. Our hardwired strobe siren totally can support 2 connection methods. If clients purchased our alarm system and sirens, please choose the method 2.

How to wiring smoke detectors to burglar alarm system

Smoke detectors (sensors) are one of important sensors to prevent fire disaster. It's better to install the smoke detectors when install the burglar alarm system for the fire detection and alert. There are two different types of wired smoke detector; two wires and four wires in the market. Typically burglar alarm system are using 4 wires smoke detectors. Most of time, smoke sensor will come with instruction manual in the installation, anyway, some people may still feel the difficulties on the wiring. Herein we provide simple information about how to wiring the wired smoke detectors to your new or exist wired alarm panels.

Install and test GSM alarm systems tutorial for DIY

We write this article with reason of many residential users don't know how to program and use the GSM wireless alarm systems. This article includes basic information for operating of GSM alarm system, programming and setup, hardwired zone wiring, hardwired siren wiring information. We hope this article can help you, and after read this tutorial, you can test and install the GSM alarm in an easy manner.

Simple tips on installation of PIR motion sensor

Since PIR motion sensors are belong to infrared detection equipment, you need pay attention to some details on the installation such as installation height, sensitivity…etc. For properly installation of PIR motion sensor, you must have knowledge on below information: Firstly it’s the performance and features of sensor, secondly determine where you intend to install the sensor, lastly do some adjustment during testing.