Frequently asked question for intrusion motion sensor

Today we are going to provide full information about the FAQs of the intrusion motion sensor. As we know, motion sensors are effective sensor for both indoor/outdoor intrusion detection, it has advantages of large coverage detection, accurate detection, as well as affordable price. Motion sensor can be divided into hardwired and wireless versions. Since the rapid development of wireless technology, wireless motion sensor replaced the traditional hardwired one dominate in the market.

Outdoor PIR motion sensor

What the function of motion sensor?

As the name implies, motion sensors detect motion, then send signal to alarm panel. Different from door/window sensor, the motion sensor can effectively secure the space, this means users don’t need to install a door/window sensor on each of window or doors. Using the motion sensor can allow user to secure large area with affordable solution. Moreover, motion sensors are low power consumption detectors which have longevity of two-five years.

What’s the working theory for motion sensor?

Today, there are several types of motion sensors are available in the market. “Active” motion sensor can emit the infrared ray to see what was happening around the guarding area. Active infrared beam detectors are belong to “active” devices, which being installed in commercial areas. “Passive” infrared motion sensor are widely or commonly used motion sensor which utilizing the Passive Infra-Red energy to detect heat changing given off by people.

What’s dual technologies motion sensor?

For withstand outdoor environment, also avoid the false alarm. Several alarm manufacturers design and provide dual technologies motion sensor, which has built-in two different detection elements, typically can be one passive infrared motion sensor, one microwave detection sensor. Only trigger the alarm signal when both sensors detect the motion, which means it can provide more accurate motion detection. Dual technologies can allow motion sensor avoid false alarms caused by environment changes, also may offer pet-immunity.

Please keep in mind that the normal wireless PIR motion sensor can’t be installed outdoor. For outdoor usage, the sensor not only need with ingress protection (weatherproof) housing design, but also advanced detection elements.

Where should I install them?

Typically the standard range of motion sensors is 10-12 meters, the coverage is shaped like a large water droplet. The ideal installation area is the pathway where an burglar would cross if he need to access into your residence and business, some places can be hallways, living rooms. The recommend installation height at least 2 meters, if you want to avoid false alarm caused by the small pets, you can place the sensor onto more higher.

How to maximize the performance of motion sensor?

Passive Infra-red motion sensor will divide detection areas into many small segments. Hence to optimize the detection performance, you need to install the sensor into the places where intruders move across the detection area. The passive infrared motion sensor may not pick up the motion, when intruders directly walk toward the sensor.

Avoid to install the motion sensor point at or near the heating sources. The rapid temperature changing will cause motion sensor trigger false alarm. Making sure to use motion sensor has temperature compensation feature.

Pet-immune or pet-friendly motion sensor

Passive infrared motion sensor also can detect the pet’s motion. In order to ignore the small animals, there are pet-immune or pet-friendly motion sensor. Today’s sensors are usually “pet-friendly” up to 25kg, which means they “ignore” small animals. But if you have large dogs which run of the house all day, we suggest you not to use/install motion sensors.

Choose wireless alarm

Obviously, proper installation of motion sensor is crucial for your security system. Checking this article to know more about installation of motion sensor. Today’s home security devices move from hardwired to wireless technology. Wireless technology enable user to install the alarm system without drilling, or running wires. If you are looking for home alarm system, we recommend the wireless alarm system.

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