Alarm Intrusion

Alarm trends-GSM alarm system with home automation

Since the Apple company launched iPhone, iPad into market, now security industry experienced huge changes on the product's designing. Many security manufacturers shifted their design to follow the new trends which apple products brings to security industry. Even world economy in deep recession, it doesn't help on selling of cheap products, people are still preferring buy advanced security alarm systems.

Analysis false alarm for intrusion detectors and solution

The ideal of intrusion detectors should only be triggered when detect the human (intruder), it should not be triggered when detect the movement of dogs, cats and mouse, as well as changes of environment of temperature, humidity, wind, or raining or sounds…etc. To achieve this purpose is not easy; most of device not only can be triggered by the movement of human, but also triggered by other factors.

Buying guide for GSM intrusion alarm system

Show some useful information on equipment to protect your home against the risk of burglary. With more than 300,000 burglaries each year in France, It becomes neccessary to install brglar alarm system to your house.

Frequently asked question for intrusion motion sensor

Today we are going to provide full information about the FAQs of the intrusion motion sensor. As we know, motion sensors are effective sensor for both indoor/outdoor intrusion detection, it has advantages of large coverage detection, accurate detection, as well as affordable price. Motion sensor can be divided into hardwired and wireless versions. Since the rapid development of wireless technology, wireless motion sensor replaced the traditional hardwired one dominate in the market.

Outdoor PIR motion sensor

Guidance on self installing GSM alarm system

GSM wireless alarm systems with advantages of affordable price, Do-it-yourself and self-monitored features, these systems are attractive to many customers, who are interested in cost-effective alarm system without paying thousand dollars on monitoring service. Now you can get GSM wireless alarm system via online shopping, or from your local security dealer, security companies. In the past, people are familiar with monitored alarm system offered by security company like ADT, now with rapid developing of wireless technology, many security equipment manufacturers offer advanced security alarm system with simple interface and user-friendly design both in setup and operation, it allows user install these alarms by themselves.

How GSM alarm systems connect to alarm receiving centre?

If you want to setup the a central monitoring station for providing monitoring service to your customer, you may need find the information about how to connect these alarm systems into central monitoring station for alarm management. Yes, for the traditional alarm systems, it's very easy, but if you want to use Made-in-china alarm system for your project, then things will be complicated. 

In this article we will show you how the alarm systems connect to central monitoring station, we will focus on PSTN and GSM connection, because these two methods are widely used around the world. In addition, we will use our alarm systems and central monitoring station equipment as examples.

How the infrared beam sensor works ?

Compared with the PIR motion sensors, the infrared beam sensor with the advantage of pet-immunity, low-false alarm rate, as well as weatherproof and non-sensitive to changes of temperature. The infrared beam sensors are widely used for the perimeter protection of security from residential to commercial.

How the pet immune PIR motion detectors work?

Pet immune detectors do work, provided they are installed within the scope of their instructions and design criteria.

First, pet “immune” is a misnomer for how these detectors work as well as tolerate the presence of a pet within the protected area.

Usually there are two types of pet “immune” detectors. The first type, a passive infrared “PIR”, ignores animals up to a certain weight, which is generally more a function of mass of the animal, as well as size and location. These units are usually the cheapest to purchase, as well as the least tolerant to animals. Commonly they will ignore a single small animal, such as a single cat or small dog.

Pet immune PIR motion sensor

How to install PIR sensor minimize the false alarm?

One of the biggest problems with installing a motion detector alarm is that they tend to set off false alarms. Contrary to popular belief, false alarms are not caused by cheaper alarms, but instead by bad placement of the alarms.

This means that when you install wireless motion detector alarms, you will need to make sure that you place them in spots which will maximize their effectiveness and minimize their false alarms.

When simple things like air blowing from a furnace, or a bug crawling across the floor can set off your alarm, you are going to be in for a lot of false alarms. This tends to be more of a problem with systems run by ultrasonic or photoelectric beams. These would shoot off a beam and when something interrupted the stream of the beam, the motion detector alarm would sound.

Find the correct installation position for motion sensor

Introduction to intrusion detection systems

The intrusion detection system detects any attempt to enter the premises, tamper with any system or control devices located in or around the site and all assaults.

A detected alarm shall be immediately received by the alarm management system. 

The system shall be capable of being programmed to allow selected alarm initiating devices to set to access mode so that nuisance alarms will not be generated during working hours. The access times must be user select-able so that changes in working hours, days of the week and holiday periods will be accommodated.

New digital security systems for home, office, apartments

Digital alarm systems are the modern electronic devices for protecting premises from intrusion, fire or summon aid in an emergency. Digital alarm systems also called burglar alarm system or intrusion alarm system. In the past, digital alarm systems are only limited to applications like military, government facilities, and banks. Now the crime rate steadily increasing, civilian people are concerned about their safety, especially for those people living in modern cities. More over, with rapid technology development, many security manufacturers can offer high quality alarm systems with affordable price. Having installed alarm system for residential and offices become the investment to prevent theft and break-ins, bring peace in mind.

Simple tips on wireless zone and hardwired zone

What's security zone for alarm system?

The alarm systems rely on sensor for abnormal event detection such as intrusion, fire, flood, gas leak. All sensors are connected to zones of alarm systems.  User can customize the each of zones for specific requirement, therefore the alarm can fit in varies applications and works properly in different installation environment. Security zone is the basic control/detection unit for security alarm systems.

Start to DIY alarm system for your home or business

Home alarm system can monitor your home and business at day and night. The system can effectively deterrent intrusion and decrease the risk of burglary, protect your property and valued articles.  Do you know, there are over more than 320,000 burglaries were reported in France, which means 888 burglaries per day. This figure is increase 16% from 2010, now it’s time to install the alarm system to protect your family and business, before it’s too late. 

The advantages and disadvantages of hardwired alarm system

In the past, hardwired alarm systems are the only choice for customers who need security equipment to protect premises. Today, with rapid technology evolve, many users shift from hardwired alarm to wireless alarm. It seems home security industry is moving from hardwired to wireless, but as one of mature and stable alarm equipment, some users still favor the hard wired alarm system. In this article, we will show you some basic information about advantages and disadvantages of hardwired alarm systems.