Guidance on self installing GSM alarm system

GSM wireless alarm systems with advantages of affordable price, Do-it-yourself and self-monitored features, these systems are attractive to many customers, who are interested in cost-effective alarm system without paying thousand dollars on monitoring service. Now you can get GSM wireless alarm system via online shopping, or from your local security dealer, security companies. In the past, people are familiar with monitored alarm system offered by security company like ADT, now with rapid developing of wireless technology, many security equipment manufacturers offer advanced security alarm system with simple interface and user-friendly design both in setup and operation, it allows user install these alarms by themselves.

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Self-installing GSM alarm system

Get start with GSM alarm system

Before make the decision on purchasing, you'd better to know your requirements for the security, and choose the right GSM alarm system for your application. There are many different kinds of GSM alarm system for your selection in the market, some bad and some good. It's better to choose GSM alarm system with keypad design and LCD display, cause with these design, user can easy to setup and operate the alarm system.

GSM alarm system need SIM Card

GSM alarm systems consist of alarm panel and extra sensors, as well as some accessories (siren, keyfob, power adapter...etc). If you need the GSM function running, you need to buy a valid SIM card from GSM cellular service provider, and disable PIN code, then insert it to alarm system. Choosing SIM card with the economic service plan (no rent fee, pay per call or SMS), then you can save lots of money. GSM alarm panel works like a cellphone, GSM frequency is the major specification for each of GSM cellular devices (including GSM alarm system), make sure you get the GSM alarm system can work in your country. There are four different GSM frequency around the world countries, they are 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. 

Install the GSM alarm system in the place where covered with GSM signal. If installation place without GSM signal coverage, then GSM function will not work. 

Choose the correct sensors to work with alarm panel

By adding different kinds of sensor to work with alarm panel, the alarm system can achieve different protection purpose. PIR motion sensor and magnetic contact are common sensor for intrusion detection, they are installed the entry point to detect the unauthorized entry (Intrusion, break-ins). Magnetic contact are ideal for windows and doors for sensing close and open. PIR motion detection with wide range of detection range, the detection range can cover large area, and based on passive infrared technology, it protects space via sensing the Infrared energy change caused by human body movement. The flaw of normal PIR motion detector is it is also sensitive to the pet and animal. If you have pets running around your house, you should avoid to use PIR motion sensor, and at least use the pet-immune PIR motion sensor.

Fire prevention is crucial for every home and business. If your premises has not installed with fire alarm system, then you'd better use some detector. All GSM alarm system can work with smoke detector for fire detection purpose. In addition, some companies may offer heat detector and fire alarm button.

Setup and install GSM alarm system

Only with proper setup and installation, then the GSM alarm system can work as you expect. Typically, majority of GSM alarm systems can input (or program) more than one emergency phone number for alarm receiving, make sure you program at least two emergency numbers. The first phone number should be yours, the second one should be your relative's or neighbour's. The reason is when alarm is triggered, the alarm information will firstly come to you side, if you do not respond to the alarm, then it will notify next phone number. This can insure without missing alarm.

If your alarm system supports partial arm function, then make sure you program the sensor into correct category. Typically there are perimeter detection and interior detection. When alarm system is in Stay Arm mode, the sensors belong to interior detection will not work, but perimeter detection is still working. When alarm system is in Away Arm mode, the both perimeter and interior detection are activated.

Find the good place to install the GSM alarm panel, with strong and good GSM signal is basic requirement when install the GSM alarm panel. For the all-in-one alarm system (or self-contain alarm system), it's better install it indoor, not outdoor or places where people can easy to access the alarm panel. Install the extra wireless keypad on entry or exit door.

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