GSM alarm system self-monitoring no monthly monitoring fee

Recently we launched new GSM alarm system for self-monitoring. The G70E alarm system is new design wireless alarm system which combined with GSM cellular technology for residential and commercial. The system with combination of intrusion detection and fire detection functions, it's the ideal security device to prevent intrusion and fire disaster. Different from other types of alarm system, the G70E alarm system with button keypad design, and this design cut the cost of the alarm panel and provide user-friendly interface for programming and operation.

Guidance on self installing GSM alarm system

GSM wireless alarm systems with advantages of affordable price, Do-it-yourself and self-monitored features, these systems are attractive to many customers, who are interested in cost-effective alarm system without paying thousand dollars on monitoring service. Now you can get GSM wireless alarm system via online shopping, or from your local security dealer, security companies. In the past, people are familiar with monitored alarm system offered by security company like ADT, now with rapid developing of wireless technology, many security equipment manufacturers offer advanced security alarm system with simple interface and user-friendly design both in setup and operation, it allows user install these alarms by themselves.

Monitored alarm system or self monitoring ?

We are security equipment manufacturer and provider. We not only have many clients which are security companies that provide monitoring service to end-user (home, customer), but also with many DIY customers that want to resell our product for self-monitoring purpose. All our security alarm system support both monitoring and personal self-monitoring.

There are debates on the comparison between the monitored alarm system and self monitoring alarm. We herein summarize some information for reference.

What's self-monitoring alarm system?

Nowadays, self-monitoring alarm system gets popular. With implementation of wireless technology, as well as smartphone integration. The self-monitoring alarm system can gives the customer a free "ADT" system for monitoring their residence and business. Monitored alarm service from ADT working as bridge between your property and the police station, fire emergency, and emergency response department. Once an alarm is triggered, the signal will transmit to central monitoring station, the operator will contact home owner for alarm verification. If it's not false alarm, the operator will contact local emergency department.