Monitored alarm system or self monitoring ?

We are security equipment manufacturer and provider. We not only have many clients which are security companies that provide monitoring service to end-user (home, customer), but also with many DIY customers that want to resell our product for self-monitoring purpose. All our security alarm system support both monitoring and personal self-monitoring.

There are debates on the comparison between the monitored alarm system and self monitoring alarm. We herein summarize some information for reference.

Typically, the monitored alarm system is better then self-monitoring. The reason is when alarm is triggered, the alarm information will transmit to central monitoring station, the trained operators will handle the alarm. It works as a link between your alarm and authorities (example: 911).

How Monitored alarm system work?

When monitored alarm system is triggered, the alarm panel will take over the phone line and dial call to central monitoring station, then alarm panel will send a handshake signal to CMS, then it will send the alarm event data string to CMS, After the CMS can receive the data and can decode it, then CMS will send back a kissoff signal to alarm system for confirmation of successful communication.  If the above mentioned event does not happen, the alarm panel will repeat dial to Central Monitoring Station.

How self-monitoring alarm system work?

Most of alarm system can either connect to CMS or dial to personal number. When alarm is triggered, the system will dial the personal number, instead of CMS.

Comparison between monitored alarm and self-monitoring alarm.

Customer need to pay the monthly monitoring fee to security company for the monitoring service, In addition, the customer may have to purchase and install the alarm system that provided by security company. It’s a bit expensive for some customers, especially in nowadays bad income and slump economy.

For self-monitoring, customer can buy the alarm system and install them by themselves, also the price is very competitive, you can get a cheap alarm system from ebay or amazon. These systems don’t need to sign the contact, it will send alarm information to your mobile.

The advantages with central monitoring station, the trained and professional operators will handle the alarm (fire, burglary, medical help…etc), and send the proper authorities. If there is gas leak and fire starts, you are lying in bed, unconscious, the monitored alarm system will send signal to CMS, then CMS will send the authorities. when you are experiencing the invasion and fire at home, the alarm signal goes to your cell-phone is helpless.

Anyone who installed the alarm system or security company will tell you that there is false alarm (like kid press panic button, pets moving PIR (not pet-friendly), and the false alarm can not be terminated. The monitored alarm system sends out the alarm to CMS, the trained operators can verify the alarm and check whether it’s a false alarm or not.

Except alarm information, the alarm system also will send out signal when detecting any abnormal event (such as AC power failure, battery failure, self-check failure…etc). Do you want to receive these information from call or SMS ?

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