Connect wired ir beam to gsm alarm system

This article is related to wire (connect) wired sensors (including IR beam, PIR motion sensor, Door Magnetic Contact) to wired alarm system. Nowadays many customers are buying alarm system to protect their residential and commercial business. Install wireless alarm kit is pretty easy, but wiring the wired alarm system may turn to nightmare for un-professional people. In order to help our customers on installation our security alarm systems, we herein provide these information.

Wiring the wired IR beam sensor to wired GSM alarm system:

The IR beam sensor is the one of professional security equipment to provide perimeter protection, it creates invisible fence around your premises. The sensor consists of transmitter and receiver. we herein provide the wiring diagram as below:

Wiring IR beam detectors to GSM alarm system

Explanation: The above connection is Normal Close connection method. IR beam sensors get the power from alarm panel (AUX, GND), and IR beam dry contact output connect to tamper and zone 1 in series. Between zone wiring, there is a resistor (value 2.2K), we call it EOL resistor, it provides the protection for the wiring, also it's a must to wire this in the sensor end (default is on alarm panel). If you want to use zone, you need to take off the resistor for that zone. The connection real photo as below (Click image to enlarge the photo):

real photo wire IR beam to GSM alarm panel

How to connect two IR beams into a single zone ? The diagram as below:

Wiring two infrared beam sensors into a single zone

Wiring PIR Motion Sensor (DG85) to Wired Alarm System

If you can understand above information,then wiring PIR is more simple. DG85 is professional dual PIR (quad element PIR sensor to reduce false alarm, pet friendly) motion sensor for accurate movement detection.

wiring DG85 motion sensor to wired alarm panel

Explanation: PIR sensor get the power supply from alarm panel (AUX and GND), the dry contact output (from PIR) connect with tamper (TMP) and zone 1 in series, also connecting with EOL resistor is essential. The real connection photo as below:

Wire DG85 to wired alarm system

Connect the Wired Magnetic Contact to Wired Alarm

Connect magnetic contact to wired alarm system

If you have any doubles about wiring sensors to wired alarm system, you can either contact us by sending E-mail to techsupport at  or click the feedback icon on the right column to chat with us, we are willing to give you help.

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