DG85 Outdoor Dual PIR Motion Sensor

DG85 Outdoor Dual PIR Motion Sensor
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Name: Outdoor Pet-Friendly PIR Motion Detector
Model: DG85

Outdoor PIR Introduction

DG-85 is a kind of PIR intrusion detector integrating the most advanced security technology. It adopts dual PIR sensors with high accuracy, intelligent digital chip, advanced, (True Motion Recognition & Anti-pests) of tware technology, which can help it to make an accurate judgment of true-intruder or other interference that can cause wrong alarm. And it is with the function of automatic memory of environmental change, which can avoid wrong alarm a used by hot and cold air, operation machine interference. It can prevent effectively the interference cause by a 25 kg pest or 10 cats, insect, mouse, birds etc. Its supper filter can be used indoor and outdoor. This have clear various interference that common PIR detector can't over come; and put an end to wrong alarm and miss alarm. DG-85 has two different working modes: bus mode and relay mode, can be used for all kinds of control panels on the market.

Outdoor PIR Motion Main Features

Fully sealed design, two-layer water proof, macro-molecule film plating for indoor and outdoor installation; Remarkable pet-immunity function to prevent pets under 25kg; Special lens anti-UV to reduce false alarm at maximum, Germany imported optical filter to block motley light up to 99%.

DG85 Outdoor PIR Sensor Gallery

DG85 Dual PIR Outdoor Motion Detector
DG85 Outdoor Dual-PIR Motion Sensor
DG85 Outdoor Dual-PIR Motion Sensor
DG85 Outdoor Dual-PIR Motion Detector Pet Immune

Download the product''s brochure: DG85 PDF

Outdoor PIR motion technical parameter
Power input : 9-16VDC;
Working current: about 30mA;
PIR area: (11+11+9)*2
Alarm output: solid relay output ALM,NC.or NO.output;
Trouble output: solid relay output TRB,NC. or NO. output Below 100mA/30V
Detection range: 11m * 11m (35ft * 35ft) 90 ?(adjustable);
Tamper joint: NC. 50mA/30V DC;
Indication light indicates and shines 30 seconds;
Alarm indication: Red LED shining for 3 seconds,when alarm,output 3 secends;
Working environment: outdoor;-10?~50?;
RFI/EMI rejection: 10V/M
Working humidity: 5%-95%RH;
Anti white light: >8000 LUX;
Anti EMI: >30v/m 30MHZ-1GHZ;
Ingress Protection level: IP66

Warning: ensure that the unit's front and back cover are tightly joined together, without any spacing around the rim of the unit, before tightening the screw. Otherwise the weatherproof casing may be compromised and moisture may enter the unit.

Customer Feedback (6)

  • Cunicella


    02 March 2014 at 05:24 | #

    These sensors outdoor are very efficient....have never triggered false alarms
    My customers are very satisfied


  • Vijay


    22 May 2016 at 21:15 | #

    Let me know the Price, availability in Bangalore.


  • inoke rabele

    inoke rabele

    04 October 2016 at 19:38 | #

    please provide details on how i can purchase DG 85


  • Ken


    02 June 2017 at 16:40 | #

    Where can I buy online?


  • John


    20 July 2017 at 16:54 | #

    Do you have the jumper diagram for the Wire PIR motion detector DG85,connected with G-60 Ultimate alarm panel? I see the jumpers and the slots, but I don't know what to do ?


  • Unifore


    20 July 2017 at 17:04 | #

    Hi, please read this article: http://www.hkvstar.com/product-news/dg85-v2-outdoor-motion-detector-for-intrusion-alarm-and-ip-cctv-system.html
    Before wiring the hardware sensors to G60 alarm panel, you need to active the hardwired zones.


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