FAQ 4 SONY Effio high resolution 650 tv line security camera

In security field, SONY dominated the CCD and DSP chip market around the world. SONY developed and launched the new generation DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for security camera. The "Effio" (Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor) DSP provides the advanced OSD menu control with functions of WDE (Wider Dynamic Range), TDN (True Day Night), facial detection, 3DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction), AGC, ESS....etc. From the SONY official website, the "Effio" DSP combine 960H CCD image sensor can realize the horizontal resolution of over 650 TVlines.


"Effio" DSP includes Effio-P, Effio-S, Efffio-E, three series. The difference and comparison as below:

Effio-P VS Effio-S VS Effio-E Comparison
TypeModel NameApplicationSupport CCDPrice
"Effio-P" CXD4129GG WDR high-end model Supports 960H/760H CCD High
"Effio-S" CXD4130GG Multifunction model 960H/760H CCD Medium
"Effio-E" CXD4127GG Entry-level model 960H/760H/510H CCD Low

High Resolution

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

The function of WDR is to make the perfect exposure for the video footage (method: blown out lights and blocked up shadows by combining several images). Light cast often affect the exposure for the security camera. For better result, when install the security camera, the light should not be oriented towards the security camera, should toward the target or subject of your security camera.

High Color Reproduction


ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction) features provides gradation compensation to improve the contrast of subjects.

Adaptive Tome Reproduction

HCL (High Light Compensation)

HCL function is for blocking the strong lights in order to recognise the smallest objects. The application can be license plate numbers

Noise Reduction

The "Effio-P" (CXD4129GG) and "Effio-S" (CXD4130GG) come with two noise reduction (NR) functions, one is space-based (2D-NR) and the other is time-based (3D-NR or SSNRII).The "Effio-E" ( CXD4127GG) comes with a space-based NR (2D-NR) function. Noise reduction is a function that reduces the image noise in order to improve the image quality of the camera. In particular, it reduces the noise which is generated under low-brightness shooting conditions and other high-gain states.

Noise Reduction

TDN (Ture Day Night)

Different from human eyes, the CCD sensor also can view the infra-red lights from the subject. In order to provide true color for the video footage, the camera adopts IR-cut technology to realize the true day night functions. The function of IR-cut technology is to filter the infra-red light when security camera working at day, and let the infra-red light reach to CCD sensor at night.

More information, you can refer to: http://www.hkvstar.com/technology-news/whats-ir-cut-infrared-security-camera.html

Is it true 700TV Line Security Camera ?
Now there are huge amount of so-called 700TV line security camera in the market and large suppliers in global market declare they provide 700TV lines security camera, only 1% are true.

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