What's IR-Cut infrared security camera ?

IR-Cut technology is used in many fields, especially in security cameras.

IR-Cut security camera is the security camera has a IR-CUT filter built-in to make camera provide true color reproduction high quality image at day and night. The function of IR-cut in security camera is fixing the color distortion, meanwhile maintaining good light sensitivity at night.

The working theory of IR-Cut:

IR Cut Filter used in Security Camera

There are many waves of light in the nature, human eyes only can see lights that wave length is between 320nm-760nm, If the wave length is more than 320nm-760nm, then human can not see, example: Infrared, ultraviolet (UV) rays.

When a security camera works at day, people want to get the accurate color images, the equipped IR-cut filter will block the infrared light (from outside), so infrared light will not enter into the image sensor (CMOS/CCD). If the infrared light enters to the image sensor at day, it will interfere the color reproduction.

When the security camera works at night (or without enough light), IR--cut filter will allow the infrared light (or all the kind of lights) to reach to image sensor (CMOS/CCD), so that the image sensor can absorb sufficient light. This will increase the light sensitivity when a security camera works at night.

Day and Night When using IR-Cut

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