Tips on installation and usage of home alarm system.

Tips on installation home alarm systemWhatever you choose hardwired alarm system or wireless alarm system.  Installation these systems, professional training are needed. We herein provide some tips on installation of each parts:

1. Control panel:

Control panel is the core component for whole alarm system with the function of hub between emergency event and central monitoring station. Metal cabinet control panel with mechanical lock, and main-board are locked in metal cabinet, usually it's installed in the basement.

If the control panel with GSM backup, then you need to place the GSM antenna to the place where can be covered the GSM signal.

Choosing suitable backup battery, it's also very important. The more big size of battery, the more backup battery can last when external power is failure. Please bear in mind that  when external power is failure, backup battery also provides the power supply for most of hardwired sensors. When choose control panel,  it's very important to choose control panel which support muti-user codes.

For a home with two stories, we suggest hybrid alarm system which use both hardwired and wireless zones. You can install hardwired device in the first floor, and wireless devices install in the second floor.  (The reason is sometimes second floor can not install hardwired device).

2. PIR-based Motion Detector:

a. Even most PIR motion detectors are using dual-element PIR sensor to minimize the false alarm, but PIR motion detectors often cause false alarm. When use PIR Motion detector, it's better to choose Dual technology PIR Motion detector(PIR + Microwave). If you have any pet inside of house, we suggest customer do not install PIR Motion detector. If insist on using PIR Motion detector, then choose Pet-immune PIR motion detector.

Please note that there are two basic models can choose for usage; "Test Mode" and "Usage Mode" for motion detector. When you do the testing for PIR Motion detector, then you need to choose "Test Mode".  If you want to use it for home, you need to choose "Usage Mode"

For example, VS-WH400 with three level adjustable,  when select  "5s", then it's "Test Mode".  For installation and uage, you need to select "5MIN" (switch to usage mode).

LED setting, this option enables or disables the LED. The LED will flash for 5 seconds when the PIR detects a movement.

b. Walk-testing: When do the testing of PIR-based Motion Detector, you should move across the detection patch, not toward the detector.

3. Door/Window Magnetic Contact

Different door/window magnetic contacts are suitable different installation environment.

How to choose door/winodw magneti contact, please click here:

Wireless door/window magnetic contact are using battery. It's better to choose long life-span battery, so that you don't need to replace the battery frequently.

4. Infrared Beam Detector

Infrared beam detectors are widely installed outside for the perimeter protection.

Now most of companies are providing wired infrared beam detector. If you want to install them outside, you need to consider how to provide power supply for these detectors. If you with rich budget, then choose using the solar panel is good option to solve this problem.

When choose the infrared beam detector,  muti-beams infrared detector is reliable than single beam detector. Single beam infrared beam detector can cause the false alarm by birds, leaflet, window, rain...etc.

5. Siren:

Alarm system can connect to many kinds of siren; horn, strobe siren, indoor siren, outdoor siren. It's better to install outdoor siren, because it's more powerful and noise volume is very loud. Some sirens only with 2 wires connection,  some sirens with 4, 6 wires connection.

4,6 wires connection siren comes with more functions  (like tamper protection, trigger light or siren separately, backup battery...etc) than 2 wires.  2 wires siren may cause some problem when the power supply of control panel is low.