How to choose magnetic contact for alarm system ?

Magnetic contact is close/open sensing switches which used for alarm system, access control...etc. Magnetic contacts often installed on the door, windows, closet...etc.

There are many types of magnetic contact for alarm system.

Conceal Magnetic Contact

Picture 1: This is small magnetic contact, it need to embed  inside the wooden door or wooden windows.

This magnetic contact are suitable for conceal installation.

Adhere installation Magnetic Contact

Picture 2: This is a magnetic contact which can be installed any kind of door/windows for sensing open and close.

This magnetic contact using adhere installation, there is adhere tape on the side of magnetic contact, also there are screw holes for installation.

Metal Roller Shutter magnetic Contact

Picture 3: Floor Roller shutter magnetic contact is made of alloy-zn material, this magnetic contact installed at the floor to detect opening of roller shutter.

The swich parts (with cables) are placed in the ground.

Slide door magnetic Contact

Picture 4: This metal magnetic contact with special design which suitable for the installation of slide door and windows.

Ceiling Magnetic Contact

Picture 5: This Magetic Shutter Contact seldom use in the market.  This magnetic shutter sensor can adjust the height of up and down for 73MM. Contact can be installed near the ceiling to detect opening of roller shutter from top.

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