How to install fire smoke detector, where to install ?

The old idiom says “There’s no smoke without fire”. The basic fire alarm system is just a simple smoke detector which can detect the smoke and set off alarm. Install smoke detector is the effective and low-cost way to escape from fire disaster.

How install smoke detector is so important?

Reports from Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) United States, Each year estimated 1,800 fatal residential fires, and cause 2,636 deaths, 725 injuries, and $196 million in property loss in USA.

The reports also indicates that majority of fatal fires happen when people are asleep, due to unaware of the fire and without enough time to escape.

We think that many of countries with high rate of fatal fires than USA, due to lock of management and without adequate investment (fire equipment) from government.

How smoke detector works?

Smoke detectors are mounted on the top of floor for 24 hours working, and when it detect the smoke (intense), it will make sounds and flashing to alert people, also it is connecting with an alarm system, then it will go through alarm system and report to Central Monitoring Station.

Where should install the smoke detector?

Smoke detector should be installed on each of rooms (bedrooms, storage room, reading room…etc) and the corridor, as well as the lobby. When install smoke detector, you need to place them on the center of top ceiling, if you want to install on the wall, then they should be installed below the ceiling 6-12 inches.

What types of smoke detector I can choose?

There are major three kinds of smoke detector for usage.

  • Standalone smoke detector: working as a single unit, detection of smoke, then buzz and flash alarm.
  • Hardwired smoke detector: working as a single unit and using cable to connect with hardwired alarm system (can be burglar alarm system or fire alarm panel).
  • Wireless smoke detector: also can work as a single unit, but it is using wireless technology to connect with wireless alarm system (only burglar alarm system, as we know, we can’t find wireless fire alarm panel so far).

Place the smoke detector inside of residential diagram


Tips when install smoke detector

  1. Don’t install smoke detector near the path of bathroom and kitchen equipment. These place are easily cause false alarm.
  2. Don’t install smoke detector near the doors, windows, air conditioner.
  3. Monthly test and check smoke detector for insuring they can work correctly.
  4. Replace the battery each a year. Most of smoke detector with low-voltage alarm function, when smoke detector start to flash, then you need to replace the battery.
  5. Many people are thinking get a set of burglar alarm system for theirs residential. Before purchase burglar alarm system, please add extra smoke detectors for your fire alarm.

Fire Prevention Tips:

  1. When people are doing cooking, always be there.
  2. Don’t put the catch-fire material near the heat sources
  3. Don’t smoking inside of house, after smoking, dumping cigarette butts in the trash, make sure smoke is extinct?
  4. Carefully handle and operation the electronic device, especially for heat generated device. Any problem on electricity, turn to professional’s help.
What to Do in Case of Fire:
  1. Do not be panic; stay calm.
  2. Leave the building as quickly as possible. Touch doors to feel if they were hot before opening them. Use an alternate exit if necessary. Crawl along the floor, and do stop to collect anything.
  3. Meet at a pre-arranged meeting place outside the building.
  4. Call the fire department form outside the building.
  5. Do not go back inside a burning building. Wait for the fire department to arrive.
Note: These guidelines will assist you in the event of a fire, however, to reduce the chance that fires will start, practice fire safety rules and prevent hazardous situations

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