FAQ and solutions for standalone DVR

If you recently bought a new DVR for your video surveillance project, now you are facing problems, you can turn to manufacturers or dealers to help you solve the problem, or you can solve by yourself for problems with easy solution. We herein provide some FAQ for the standalone DVR

After turn on power, the standalone DVR can not boot.

  • a. Input wrong power supply, the possible reason can be incorrect voltage.
  • b. the power line connection is not good.
  • c. Power supply is defective or without efficient power supply for the HDD.
  • d. HDD (Hard Disc Driver) is defective.

The standalone DVR restarts repeatedly.

  • Please check the power supply for the hard disc driver, and the connection between main-board and HDD, also you can try to re-connect the HDD to main-board (power must be OFF). If the standalone DVR connects several HDD, you need to check the sufficient for the power supply. The other possible reason is wrong HDD jumpers setting, to solve this, you need to check whether you have done the correct jumper setting or not on the basis of information from the manual for HDD. By the way, Hard disk has bad sectors will cause this problem.

The Standalone DVR is re-booting every few minutes ?

If your DVR keeps restarting every 3-5 minutes, that would means the hard drive is new or hard drive is full.  Now you need to disconnect all the cameras and power ON the DVR, then access to main menu to Format the HDD.

After success start up, the system can not find hard disc driver.

  • The main reason is from the HDD, you may not connect the power supply for the HDD, or the communication cable (SATA connector) connection is not good, wrong jumpers setting on HDD or defective HDD.

Single, multi, all video without output

  • a. The possible reason is you may use the different software, try to update your software.
  • b. The brightness setting for the video set to value of 0, you should reset to default value.
  • c. Without video signal input or too weakness of video signal.

The video color and brightness is distort

  • a.When using the BNC as the video output, NTSC and PAL choosing is wrong, video become B/W (black and white).
  • b.DVR and monitor impedance mismatch
  • c.The video transmission distance is too far or video transmission line attenuation
  • d.Wrong setting for the color and brightness value of the DVR

Replay and inquiry can not find video.

  • a.Wrong HDD digital cable or jumper setting
  • b.Defective HDD.
  • c.Upgraded wrong software for the system.
  • d.The inquiry video already overwritten.
  • e.The video recording function has not been done.

How to reset the admin password for DVR ?

If you forget the password, the best way is to ask help from your supplier or dealer. We provide below solutions may suitable for some DVRs, or may not work at all.
Solution 1: When DVR boot, do not do any operation or enter any info. You can press “ESC” for more than five seconds, then release the button; next, you should press “STOP” button for five seconds, then release the button; please note that the interval time between two procedures should be less than seconds; If the DVR reset successfully, the DVR will make beep.

Solution 2: Submit your current date of your DVR to supplier. Date format should be YYYYMMDD, example: 20120101. The supplier will give you a super password. You can use the account name of Admin, and input the super password, after click OK, the DVR will start to reboot. After the DVR boot, you can use the default user and password: example: admin/empty (no password.)  Now you can chat with our technician to get a valid super password.

Solution 3: There is another way to reset the admin password, it's hard reset. (please note that hard reset will eliminate all the presetting of the DVR)

How to perform hard reset for DVR ?

When doing the hard reset for the DVR, you need to unplug the power for the DVR, also remove the cover. You will find out a button battery (or we call CMOS battery) in the main-board of DVR. You can take out the battery, then put it back. After done this, the DVR will be reset into factory.

Generating a new password via using the software, you can check this article: http://www.hkvstar.com/product-news/forget-the-dvr-password-how-to-generate-a-new-one-with-software.html

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