Integrated solution of video surveillance systems and alarm systems

Video surveillance systems and alarm systems are parts of a security system. Video surveillance systems can work individually to achieve the function of monitoring. Alarm systems with multi-purposes of crime deterrence, intrusion detection, fire detection, medical help, and even automation. As we know CCTV works as active surveillance system effectively for crime discovery, examination and investigation, but CCTV requires security guard or person to watch the monitor, and CCTV will not detect anything or anyone. As an opposite, alarm systems are passive monitoring device that can detect the event and trigger the alarm without people watch the video.

Is there anyway to integrated the alarm system to CCTV systems? Typically, most of alarm systems, intrusion detectors and DVR systems come with I/O,it's dry contact, this make these systems can connect together.

Alarm Inputs for DVRs

If you setup your DVR, you will see a terminal connection blocks on the back of your DVR with remarks of alarm input. You can connect the intrusion detection or other detection devices to alarm input. Normally, there is an option of connection: NO and NC. In order to prevent intruders cut the wire, you should consider using the NC connection that means the alarm will be triggered, when wiring cable is cut. Using intrusion detection devices, it may cause the false alarm, especially for PIR motion sensor. Pet-immune motion detectors (such as Dual-Tech Motion Sensor, Tri-Tech Motion Sensor) are not sensitive to the animals;when animal and pets cross the detection area, it will not cause the false alarm. For perimeter or boundary protection or detection, IR photo beams will create an invisible fence around your boundaries with the advantages of fewer false alarms and provide long distance protection. For door/windows, magnetic contact is the cheapest and reliable device for checking the door/window open and close status.

After connect the intrusion detectors to DVR directly, it only achieves function of when detect the event, then start to recording or send event E-mail. Connecting the alarm system to DVR systems can make security system not only record the video when detect event, but also inform the user and report to central monitoring station immediately. The connection method is also simple, most of alarm panels with dry contact output; you can connect the alarm output to DVR alarm input. When alarm systems detect the alarm event, it will report to CMS and user immediately, simultaneously it will send signal to DVR system to trigger the recording.

Integration security solution

At the end, before purchasing the CCTV system and alarm systems, you should analysis your project, and then choose the alarm systems with flexible functions and explanations. For end-users, the analysis and purchasing and installation should be done by the professional security company or people.

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