Wired Dual-Technology PIR Motion Detector

Indoor Dual-Technology Motion Detector
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Name: Wired  PIR Motion Detector
Model: VS-YH500
Microwave plus PIR Dual Technology Detection

Dual Technology with Shelter Immunity(microwave + infrared + microprocessor) series detector with digital intelligent control, design elegance, with a microprocessor, especially for high-end residential, office, bank vaults, relics museum, National Library,dangerous goods warehouses, arsenals and other places of importance.

High quality indoor dual-tech motion security detector, hardwired type can work with your new or existing hardwired alarm system. By employing built-in microwave sensor and PIR sensor, the product can provide you accurate and reliable intrusion detection. The detector also has DSP processor, it triggers an alarm when both sensors detect moving people simultaneously. This greatly help sensors eliminate false alarms caused by environment factors. Moreover, this detector comes with pet-immunity fresnel lens, it features pet-immunity. It can avoid false alarms caused by small animals weight is less than 12kg. If your family keep dogs/cats, you should choose this high-end pet-friendly security sensor. The detector helps you to protect your house 24 hours a day while allowing small pets running inside house.

This detector provides wide detection angle up to 110 degree, it’s a hardwired type security sensor can be connected to your hardwired alarm systems cross different brands such as DSC, Honeywell, ADT, Frontpoint and more. This high performance security detector supports high/low detection sensitivity adjustment, pulse count adjustment, including wall/corner mountable bracket for easy installation. In addition to working with intrusion alarm panels, the detector also works with DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras. By using PIR motion sensor, you will have a smart video surveillance system that informs you the monitored area is breached.

The alarm signal is generated only when intrusion is detected by two different sensors at the same time, therefore the detection reliability is higher than the detectors with single technology.

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Dual Technology PIR Main Features

Detection sensitivity adjustable, Pet-immune.
Adopts Doppler effect+spectral analysis
Using artificial intelligence technology to identify intruders and disturbance signals
Microwave adopts X-Band plane antenna
Dual temperature compensation
Dynamic threshold adjustment technique
Bipolar pulse count adjustable
Anti white light interference
Anti RF interference(20V/m-1GHz)
Fresnel lens
Alarm output NC/NO optional
Alarm time optional(3s/30s)
Design has passed patent application
SMT technology manufacture, more stable

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Dual-tech PIR Detection Scope

Dual-technology motion security detector detecting scope


Power supply
9~16 VDC, 12 VDC typical
Current consumption <=16mA(at DC12V?
Detecting distance
Infrared sensor
Dual element, high sensitivity, low noise
Microwave  frequency
Detection angle
Self-testing time
Alarm time
3s/30s optional
Alarm indication
red LED
Detection Speed
Microwave antenna  type
plane antenna with high frequency oscillator GaAs :FET
Mounting Method
wall or corner  mounted with bracket
Alarm output
NC, contact DC28V 100mA
Tamper output
NC, contact DC28V 100mA
Pulse count
1 / 2 / 3, selectable
Temperature -10°C~50°C(14°F~122°F)

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