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Video surveillance system for crime deterrent, investigation, and monitoring

Video surveillance cameras and video recorders are essential for video surveillance system from residential security to commercial projects. There are diversity of video surveillance cameras and recorders in the market for customer selection.

Many of surveillance cameras are inexpensive, modern design and with simple operation and installation features for home security. Mostly common used cameras is infrared camera, it build-in infrared light can work at day and night for 24 hours video surveillance. Capture the high quality image is very important for video surveillance camera. There are security cameras with resolution of 320 TVL, 420 TVL (standard), 540 TVL, 600 TVL, 660TVL, 700TVL, 720TVL. Different resolution cameras are deployed in differ places and used in various application. For residential security, with consideration of cost, standard resolution of 420TV Line is reasonable choice. For shops, high resolution cameras are installed around the casino for crime discovery and examination.

SONY Effio

Monitoring the operation of the factory from remote place via surveillance system is the other purpose for industries. The surveillance systems supervise the working area, check production process, even adopts thermo camera to monitoring the temperatures. Through the video security monitoring, the surveillance system can reduce the misconduct and prevent disaster, even control the defect rates of products, also the camera systems are used in the places where with human restriction areas such as chemicals, nuclear.

When plan to install the video surveillance system, except to prevent blind-spot, also need to protect the privacy of private parts, and camera should be out of bedrooms, bathrooms and rest rooms. When select camera, choosing the camera with OSD menu can help on solving this problem. Our security cameras (above 600TV Line) are equipped with SONY CCD and "Effio" DSP. Effio DSP comes with very powerful OSD menu system that includes maximum six privacy zones setting.

Traditional surveillance systems (CCTV) are analog system. At this time, video surveillance system are in the stage of transfer to digital system (IP system).

Now manufacturers can provide up to minute mega-pixel resolution IP camera which can capture 1920 X 1440 pixel high quality images. These cameras with sophisticated network, motion detection, Pan-Tilt, SD card storage...etc functions. With help of software, home users may not need to setup NVR for residential security of 4-16 cameras projects. Video stream can convey to network server via network. Network bandwidth and security are the bottleneck for the digital system.

Before purchasing any surveillance equipment, you need to make a complete analysis from placement of cameras to budget analysis. The market for surveillance equipment is very competitive, with many types of products provided by hundreds of vendors.

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