Start to DIY alarm system for your home or business

Home alarm system can monitor your home and business at day and night. The system can effectively deterrent intrusion and decrease the risk of burglary, protect your property and valued articles.  Do you know, there are over more than 320,000 burglaries were reported in France, which means 888 burglaries per day. This figure is increase 16% from 2010, now it’s time to install the alarm system to protect your family and business, before it’s too late. 

Additionally, installed with alarm system not only can reduce your theft insurance, but also deterrent intruder; the statistic shows in most case, the theft will leave the place of their package when triggered alarm.

For installation of alarm system, you can either contact local security company or just purchase a wireless alarm kit for DIY installation. We herein focus on the DIY alarm system.

The role of alarm system

Firstly, alarm detection is the main role for the alarm system. The system can identify any intrusion through various sensors, when people enter into the protected area. These sensors are communicating with the alarm panel, and they will send the information to alarm panel.

As soon as alarm panel received the signal, it will analysis these information to determine where does the intrusion, which are sensors that react.

Once the system detect an intruder, a powerful siren will make alarm sound to scare the thief. Deterrence is the primary mission for an alarm system. The siren can make alarm sound, maybe accompanied with strobe light, forcing the thief to flee if he does not want to be caught.

Lastly, the alarm system will make alert, the sound of the siren can wake the neighbors and alert the police in the community. More over, the alarm is equipped with a signal transmission system that transmit alarm signal out to home owner or security company via phone call or SMS (short message). 

DIY alarm system with SIM cardDIY GSM Alarm System
Wireless alarm panel, 30 wireless zones, 8 hardwired zones, elegant design with LCD and touch keypad, built-in GSM communicator, working with GSM SIM and telephone line.
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Tablet touch alarm panelTablet touch alarm panel
Smart tablet alarm system with touch keypad, LCD display, 30 wireless zones, intuitive system for DIY installation, working with SIM card and telephone line for alarm transmission.
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Various sensors and components for alarm system

Firstly, the alarm system is consist of an alarm panel that communicating and processing signals from all different sensors and accessories. It’s the brain of the system analysis the signal and work as a link between all components.

Detection equipment, including motion sensor, door sensor, vibration sensor, heat sensor, smoke or glass break sensor, flood sensor, these sensors either working as intrusion detection or fire detection or other specific event detection.

The keypad or keyboard. Now many alarm panel with self-contained keypad for easy installation and programming. Separate keypad can allow user to control and access the alarm panel, you can activate and deactivate the alarm system via keypad input.

Finally it’s siren. When the sensor trigger the intrusion alarm, the siren starts making sound and strobe light, the siren should be very powerful to scare the thief or alert your neighbors.

Alarm system installation

If you think to install alarm system by yourself, we recommend to choose wireless alarm system. Just several few steps, you can install the wireless alarm under 30 minutes, even if you are not familiar with alarm installation before.  For installation of wireless alarm panel, you just need to put it on desktop with a bracket or wall mounted on the wall in the kitchen or bedroom. 

All wireless sensors and accessories are powered by battery, just connect the battery, the sensor start to work. You may need to enroll wireless sensor to alarm panel before installation. Wireless PIR motion sensor should be wall mounted at 2 meters height on the wall, and door sensor should be installed at entry doors and windows. Smoke sensor should be ceiling mounted on the bedroom for smoke detection.

For wireless system, you need to make sure every sensor can communicate with alarm panel, thus they can work properly. Correct installation for sensor is crucial for properly working of alarm system, make sure read the instruction manual carefully before start the installation.

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