DIY home security system with text messaging

Protecting your home and family is very important, this is an important job for every security alarm systems. With rapid technology development, wireless technology allows user to enjoy the benefits of DIY alarm systems. Especially, alarm system integrated with GSM cellular technology, it not only does the simple job like make phone call to you, but also can send you text message (SMS) alert, once an alarm was tripped, or detecting any abnormal event. 

Now we are providing reliable and easy-DIY wireless security systems, the alarm with flexibility and comes with full features. It's sure the alarm kit with very competitive price, unlike other manufacturers offering very expensive sensors and accessories, our wireless sensors and accessories are very affordable. The price for a regular wireless alarm kit contains several wireless sensors and siren, and keyfob, it costs you less than two hundred US dollars. 

Statistics of burglary

DIY security system's features

Reliable and Simplicity are great features for our home alarm, but there are many other useful features.

Wireless iconWireless
Enjoy the wireless technology brings to home alarm. Hardwired alarms are soon a thing of the past. Same like wired alarm, wireless home alarm with full features and reliable, also full customized and cost effective installation without cable and doing construction work.

DIY iconDo-it-yourself
The benefits of wireless alarm is supporting DIY, you can install the alarm by yourself on saving cost. DIY doesn't mean complexity, all wireless sensors are powered by battery, ready to use. More over,being with 3M sticker, you can easy to wall mount these sensors without any drilling holes.

Day & night iconDay&Night Modes
Most of burglaries happen at 2:00AM to 4:00AM, our home alarm not working at day, but also working at night with Home Arm mode. This mode can protect your home when you are asleep, protect perimeter of your property, without trip alarm when people inside home.

Touch iconTouch interface
For easy operation and setup, the system coming with professional message LCD display, and built-in touch keypad, which is dedicated to creating reliable, user-friendly and touch experiences. The keypad with backlit for easy operation at night.

GSM mobile iconGSM/Mobile connection
Traditional alarm system working with phone line,it's vulnerable in front of professional intruders. Our system is equipped with both quad band GSM module and phone line connection. It's reliable communication technology to transmit the alarm signal.

SMS phoneText Message (SMS)
Once an alarm tripped, you can instantly get text message (SMS) alert. The SMS contains all detail information for the alarm. More over, you can edit the SMS to activate and de-activate the system in anywhere around the world.

Expandable iconExpandable
The system allows you to increase and delete sensors without any hassle. You can customize the alarm kit on the basis of your security requirements. The system with 30 wireless zones, can add up to 116 wireless sensors, which is suitable for creating small, middle, big security system.

CMS iconCMS/Self-monitoring
The alarm can record up to 5 emergency numbers for alarm receiving, it also supports Contact ID protocol for central monitoring. You can either choose pay monitoring fee to security company or totally self-monitoring without pay any fee. Make sure you get a SIM card for GSM function.

Back up powerBackup technology
Don't worry about intruders cut off your home's electricity before they break-in. The alarm system with rechargeable backup battery to provide power supply to alarm, backup time can last for 12 hours despite your home's power supply is off.

Select your DIY alarm kit

GSM wireless alarm systemNew GSM wireless alarm system
The new wireless alarm system with GSM, aesthetics design with LCD and touch keypad, advanced features 30 wireless zones, 8 hardwired zones, suitable for home, office, commercial building.
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GSM alarm systemGSM wireless alarm system-G70D
Advanced GSM wireless alarm systems contains 30 wireless zones and 8 hardwired zones, with LCD display and smart touch keypad design, suitable for home and business as intrusion, fire, flood, gas leak detection and more.
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Apartment Starter Alarm KitApartment Starter Kit
Starter kit for apartment, including one alarm panel, one wireless PIR motion sensor, one wireless read switch, two wireless keyfobs, AC/DC adapter and other accessories.
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GSM alarm systemFamily Home Starter Kit
Package includes one wireless alarm panel, one wireless PIR motion sensor, one wireless read switch, one wireless indoor strobe siren, two wireless keyfobs, AC/DC adapter and accessories.
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