How to program alarm system to wireless lamp holder

Thanks for purchasing our alarm equipment, we herein provide the tutorial on how to program alarm system to our wireless lamp holder. Actually, the programming is simple, but if you are beginner in alarm system or our products, you may find this article help you on programming.

In this article, the alarm system is G70-Ultimate, and alarm lamp holder is VS-LP. When an alarm is triggered in alarm panel, the wireless lamp holder will turn ON the light immediately. The light will turn OFF, when alarm system is disarmed. By the way, the wireless lamp holder also works with wireless remote keyfob, allow user to Turn ON and Turn OFF the light with wireless remote control.

Step 1.  Connect the alarm system to power adapter and also plug the wireless lamp holder to power socket. Please note the wireless lamp holder is working either AC110V or 220V (Ensure get the correct wireless lamp holder).

Step 2. Check the lamp holder, there is a red button below the lamp holder. It's "enroll" button.  Press "Enroll" button, you will hear "di, di" sound, that means the wireless lamp holder enter into enrollment status.

wireless alarm lamp holder

Step 3.  Trigger the alarm system by pressing panic (SOS) button on alarm keypad (not remote control keyfob). The panic alarm will be triggered immediately. When the lamp holder make "di, di" sound, that means programming is successfully. 

press SOS button on alarm panel

Step 4. The alarm holder also can work with wireless control keyfob,  the method is same just like above mentioned, but you need to press key on the keyfob, when lamp holder is enter into enrollment status.

Step 5. The alarm holder also work with wireless PIR video recorder (VS-DVR). The programming method just same like above, triggering the motion sensor (using movement), when lamp holder in enrollment status. Please note when do the test, you need to use the remote keyfob to Arm the PIR video recorder, then trigger the sensor, the light will turn ON.

wireless PIR hidden camera video recorder

VS-DVR is wireless PIR hidden video recorder, it can detect movement and record video footage with its hidden camera. The video footage will be stored inside the SD card (included 4GB), it works with wireless alarm system.

At last, if you have any questions about this programming, you can chat us online or E-mail technician 

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