FAQ for GSM Wireless Alarm Kit - G60

1) Please confirm G60-U has ability of recording the 10 second message for playing back during alarm notification via a phone call AND it has the ability of leaving the 10 second voice memos which is a completely independent and different feature.

The alarm system only can record the voice memo 10 seconds.  When alarm phone call is picked up, you will hear "siren sound" two times, after playback, you can do the remotely control. We delete the voice message function from this model, and the information in manual is wrong, we updated in yesterday.

2) ability of setting scheduled auto arm/auto disarm events (i.e. so you can schedule to enable "Home Arm" mode at midnight and disable it at 7:00am) - that's an excellent feature, please confirm the system has it and I understood it from the manual correctly

For the auto Arm/Disarm function: Yes, you are correct, you can set the auto Stay Arm (or Home Arm) and Away Arm and Disarm time in everyday. 

3) on page 21 of the manual there are various commands a user can use when receiving an alarm phone call. Are all those commands being entered without a passcode? So you trust that whoever picked-up the notification phone call could be trusted to disable/enable alarm? 

Please note the the alarm notification number must be trustful, therefore these phone numbers with authorization to Disarm/Arm the system without password, that's reason we don't think it's a potential threat to the security. Nonetheless when you make phone call to alarm system for remotely control, you need to input the password.

4) contrary to page 21 on page 7 you mention a few commands for remote control of the unit via SMS or a phone call to the console. For both the user is required to first enter his password and then the command. Why these features are designed with the added security? Does it mean that the unit will accept SMS or phone call commands from ANY phone number and that's the reason you first require users to put the password and then enter the command? What will happen if user keys in a wrong password via a phone call - will the system give him a chance to put the correct password a few times (for example 3 times) and then hangup or will it hang-up immediately after first entry of incorrect password?

The G60 system can accept any phone calls or SMS.  Receive the phone call, user can pickup phone call, otherwise the system will pickup automatically for remotely control. After pickup, you will hear "di" sound, then need input user code#, you can input the password for three times.  After three times failure, it will hangup.

5) the PIR and door sensors that come in the sample kit - are they "smart" sensors, are they capable of sending the signal to the console when it's being armed so the console will not get armed until the sensors are in "normal" status?  Does this "smart" feature of console/sensors work only for door sensors or also for PIR (i.e. console will not lock if there is a lot of movement in front of one or more PIR sensors)?

This system support smart zones (go to zone attribute for this setting), it works with door sensors for checking the status of windows and doors. When the protected doors/windows are open, the system will not allow to Arm the system, and give reminding, which shows system is not ready to Arm.

The system will display:  [Door Sensor Open,  Please Check,  11 Door Sensor], at same time make three fast "beep". This is unavailable for PIR motion sensor, the PIR motion sensor itself with pulse count design for detecting the movement delay without triggering false alarms, and saving energy.

6) G60-U has two speed dial numbers - A and B? Please confirm I understood that correctly. Could they be any numbers (i.e. not the 5 numbers used for SMS/phone alarming)?

User can set the wanted dial phone number for quick dialing only.  It allows you to program any phone numbers, when touch it, the alarm system will dial the call automatically.  NOT SMS.

7) When Fire, Burglary or Medical alarming is triggered (the corresponding keys are pressed for 2 seconds) - do the console and sirens start hooting or the console just starts notifying the users via SMS/phone notification methods?

When press the quick alarm buttons (fire, burglary, medical), the system will submit these information to central monitoring station only.  You can set the siren time or completely turn off the siren for mute alarm.

8) How the console works with PSTN/GSM simultaneously? So for example if I have 2 phone numbers set for SMS notification and remaining 3 for phone notification - the console will use GSM for sending SMS to the two phones first and then will start dialing the phone numbers one by one using PSTN? I assume G60-U will not start using GSM for phone notification in case PSTN line is available and working? If PSTN line is not working will the console be smart enough to detect it and to use GSM for phone notification automatically or will the console simply stop dialing phone notification numbers and will just sent an SMS that PSTN line is not working?

The alarm system will make the alarm notification in sequence. 

Example 1, you programmed three phone numbers into alarm system in following sequence:  Group 1:  10080    Alarm Call,   Group 2: 10081  Alarm SMS,   Group 3: 10082 Alarm SMS. The alarm system will firstly use the telephone line to make phone call to 10080, if telephone line is unavailable or disconnect, it will switch to GSM automatically,  then the system will send SMS to 10081 and 10082.

9) Is it possible to set any out of the 5 notification numbers for both notification methods - SMS and phone calls? For example put in five numbers and set them for both notification methods will make the console send 5 SMS messages first and then start dialing 5 phone numbers.

The system doesn't allow 5 SMS, at same time with 5 phone call. Because 5 phone call is un-necessary for the alarm notification, especially for GSM communication.  The exist design can fully meet the alarm notification requirements under majority of conditions. 

10) Is it possible to set all 5 notification numbers for SMS only or all five notification numbers for phone only notifications? From the manual it seems that you can use first two numbers for SMS notification only, third number for either method of notification (SMS or phone) and the last two numbers for phone notification only. If that's the correct understanding then why did you design the alarm limiting it to only 2 SMS notification numbers, 2 phone notification numbers and only one number that could have either method of notification? Isn't it limiting the users of the alarm?

Yes, you can set all phone numbers are receiving alarm SMS  or you can set all phone numbers are receiving alarm call. The manual just provides a example of phone number programming.

11) How long G60-U was in testing by now? Did you release it in small patches into the field to get customers feedback on the alarm and work out initial manufacturing batch problems and issues? Or in Sep 2013 is the first time you are releasing G60-U to the public and there is a potential you'll receive a number of problems that you didn't discover through the limited testing of the alarm by the company?

We devoted several months for developing this alarm system. We plan to provide the kit into market in this Month (after our holiday). We only provide the products to our clients under the condition of alarm system without bugs and provide high performance and stability.

We don't make money basis on providing "Noise maker" alarm. Anyway, we will improve the system on the basis of demands of our clients, makes it's perfect, therefore to gain the market profit.

12) Can the users manage G60-U alarm remotely via SMS? Not just arm or disarm the alarm via SMS but configure the alarm features via SMS (for example configure exit and entry delays, configure notification phone numbers, configure the alarm siren hooting times, etc.)?

We are still in process to develop the Alarm APP.

13) Is there any other sensors are compatible with this model?

Actually, the exist flood sensor, gas leak sensor, smoke sensor are compatible with all our alarm systems. But majority of these sensors without low-battery reminding to alarm system. Also we hope our client to focus on several sensors and items, therefore we can success.  Especially, if you are starter, it's better to purchase several models of sensors and accessories. This help us to make the delivery fast with ease. Also can keep the stability of the whole system, lead to bring the benefits to your business.

14) When are you planning to introduce RFID tags for G60-U and will existing units you already sold be able to work with RFID tags or the customers will need to send them back for reprogramming?

We are considering the RFID, but we don't plan add it to the alarm system in near future. We want to put this products into market as soon as possible, because of fierce of competition. We can't wait, otherwise we will loose the game and the business.

15) Is there any interface in G60-U to allow customers to periodically update it's firmware? Are you planning on providing firmware updates as you improve it and work out small bugs discovered by your customers.

We will do our best to debug the firmware, there is a connection terminal in the back of alarm panel for firmware update, but it's only available for us. We don't plan to allow user to make the updates, because it requires user with professional knowledge, also we need to provide the firmware upgrade software, this cause pain for us.  

16) Do you have the ability to customize names of the monitored zones, so the alarm doesn't just sent "11 Zone Door Sensor is Triggered" but sends " Backdoor Porch Door Sensor is Triggered"? This will be a very competitive and useful feature to add and I didn't find it in the G60-U manual.

Firstly, you will notice, there are wide selections for zone names, like front door, back door, kitchen. User can go to [Zone attribute] to choose right zone name, therefore user can receive the user-friendly alarm information. BTW, this alarm supports modify zone name by user, but we don't want to mention it on the manual.

17) Alarm notification - you mentioned the alarm will try each phone number 3 times, then proceed to the next one and repeat the same. After it goes through all numbers defined and no-one picks-up the phone - will the alarm just return to the arming state or will it restart the notification loop from the first number and continue to do it indefinitely until someone picks-up?

If no-one pickup the phone call for three times (for all emergency contact phone numbers), the system will stop to make dial, but it will still in previous status. Example, when system is in Stay armed status, the alarm system will still keep that status, unless someone Disarm the system.

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