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Frequently asked question for intrusion motion sensor

Today we are going to provide full information about the FAQs of the intrusion motion sensor. As we know, motion sensors are effective sensor for both indoor/outdoor intrusion detection, it has advantages of large coverage detection, accurate detection, as well as affordable price. Motion sensor can be divided into hardwired and wireless versions. Since the rapid development of wireless technology, wireless motion sensor replaced the traditional hardwired one dominate in the market.

Outdoor PIR motion sensor

How the pet immune PIR motion detectors work?

Pet immune detectors do work, provided they are installed within the scope of their instructions and design criteria.

First, pet “immune” is a misnomer for how these detectors work as well as tolerate the presence of a pet within the protected area.

Usually there are two types of pet “immune” detectors. The first type, a passive infrared “PIR”, ignores animals up to a certain weight, which is generally more a function of mass of the animal, as well as size and location. These units are usually the cheapest to purchase, as well as the least tolerant to animals. Commonly they will ignore a single small animal, such as a single cat or small dog.

Pet immune PIR motion sensor

How to install PIR sensor minimize the false alarm?

One of the biggest problems with installing a motion detector alarm is that they tend to set off false alarms. Contrary to popular belief, false alarms are not caused by cheaper alarms, but instead by bad placement of the alarms.

This means that when you install wireless motion detector alarms, you will need to make sure that you place them in spots which will maximize their effectiveness and minimize their false alarms.

When simple things like air blowing from a furnace, or a bug crawling across the floor can set off your alarm, you are going to be in for a lot of false alarms. This tends to be more of a problem with systems run by ultrasonic or photoelectric beams. These would shoot off a beam and when something interrupted the stream of the beam, the motion detector alarm would sound.

Find the correct installation position for motion sensor

Microwave technology in alarm motion detection

What's microwave and doppler effect

The wave length of 300MHz to 3000MHz frequency, we call them microwave. This wave lenght is between Ultrashort wave and Infrared wave. Due to Earth's outer ionosphere can totally reflect the microwave, Microwave is one of best communication method.

Motion detectors devices that detect movement

Motion detectors or motion sensors, as the names suggest, are devices that detect movement. They are generally divided into the categories of active and passive and each category is further subdivided according to the technology employed.

Motion Detectors for movement detection

Motion detectors are one of most widely used intrusion detection device for alarm system.  Now there are four kinds of motion detector that most of companies are providing; Active Infrared Motion Detector, PIR based Motion Detector, Microwave Motion detector, PIR + Microwave Motion Detector (Dual Technology).

New wired outdoor motion sensor combined with microwave technology

Motion sensor is one of the core component to your intrusion alarm system. The passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors are widely used in anywhere of security system that requires motion detection. Unfortunately, due to the defects of infrared detection technology, majority of passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors may cause false alarm. More over, more and more people require the security alarm system protect the perimeter, as a result, some people request the security sensors can installed at outdoor, then normal PIR motion sensor can not completely meet this requirement, due to the false alarm (PIR sensors are sensitive to the temperature changes, they can not install in outdoor environment).

Simple tips on installation of PIR motion sensor

Since PIR motion sensors are belong to infrared detection equipment, you need pay attention to some details on the installation such as installation height, sensitivity…etc. For properly installation of PIR motion sensor, you must have knowledge on below information: Firstly it’s the performance and features of sensor, secondly determine where you intend to install the sensor, lastly do some adjustment during testing. 

Single beam active infrared sensor for home security

Infrared is kind of invisible electromagnetic radiation between visible light and microwave radiation. Infrared (IR) sensors are used wide range of electronics from a simple IR remote TV controller to top-notch military equipment. In security industry. Infrared technologies with many advantages including low power consumption, invisible light, long range transmission distance and more, equipped with infrared sensor, they can be used to protect your home and business.

What's the motion sensor for home security?

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

Motion sensor (detector) is the core component for your security system, and it can detect the illegal intrusion through picking up movement from someone who is in your home when they shouldn't be. The motion sensor can utilize multiple technologies to detect movement in specific area. Passive infrared detection is one of main technology used in these sensors. If a sensor is triggered, the alarm signal will send to alarm control panel either via hard-wiring or wireless radio frequency. Once the control panel receive the signal and determine it's security breach, alarm set off immediately.