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New wired outdoor motion sensor combined with microwave technology

Motion sensor is one of the core component to your intrusion alarm system. The passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors are widely used in anywhere of security system that requires motion detection. Unfortunately, due to the defects of infrared detection technology, majority of passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors may cause false alarm. More over, more and more people require the security alarm system protect the perimeter, as a result, some people request the security sensors can installed at outdoor, then normal PIR motion sensor can not completely meet this requirement, due to the false alarm (PIR sensors are sensitive to the temperature changes, they can not install in outdoor environment).

New dual tech motion sensor

VS-YH800 is new designed outdoor motion sensor which combined with PIR detection and microwave detection technology. The motion sensor with IP66 waterproof design, can be installed outdoor. The new motion sensor with stylish housing design, it can output NC (Normal Close) and NO (Normal Open) for connecting with any alarm system or access control system.

the back view of dual tech motion sensor

The VS-YH800 come with stainless installation bracket, also come with installation screws.  In addition, there is a tamper protection design on the back of detector.

inside of dual-tech motion sensor

Open the detector, there is a dual element PIR motion sensor (UP) and microwave module (DOWN) on the board. VS-YH800 with three LED indicators to show the status of sensor. By the way, the sensor with shield protection design, it can avoid the interference from other wireless frequency.

Outdoor motion sensor wired alarm system

VS-YH800 with the standard relay output, you can connect it to any wired alarm system such as Honeywell, DSC, PARADOX, GE...ect. Using our new wired motion sensor and alarm system, you can built a professional grade alarm system that not only can protect your interior home, but also the perimeter boundaries.

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