Simple tips on installation of PIR motion sensor

Since PIR motion sensors are belong to infrared detection equipment, you need pay attention to some details on the installation such as installation height, sensitivity…etc. For properly installation of PIR motion sensor, you must have knowledge on below information: Firstly it’s the performance and features of sensor, secondly determine where you intend to install the sensor, lastly do some adjustment during testing. 

Choose right PIR motion sensor

There are many types of PIR motion sensor, for proper working of PIR motion sensor, you should choose right PIR motion sensor for your application. If you install the sensor for indoor application, you just need to choose the indoor PIR motion sensor. For outdoor installation, make sure get the outdoor motion sensor. Dual-tech motion sensor combination with microwave detection technology and PIR detection for more accurate movement detection, thus choose Dual-tech motion sensor can reduce the false alarm effective. If protected premises with pets, you need to use the pet-friendly or pet-immunity motion sensor, because normal PIR motion sensor will trigger false alarm, when animal passes in front of motion sensor. 

Installation PIR at recommended height

Choose the installation height based on instruction manual

Mounting height is not random, it effects the sensitivity of detection range and the effect of pet immunity.  Make sure install the PIR motion sensor at required height.

Sensor should not aim to glass windows or doors

If put PIR motion sensor aim to glass windows or doors, it will cause two problems: Firstly it’s strong light interference, although PIR motion sensor with anti-strong light features, but it’s not 100% . Therefore, to avoid aiming to the glass windows and doors can minimize strong light interference. Secondly is to avoid interference of the complexity environment from outside of windows, such as moving people, vehicle…etc.

Avoid aim to windows

Avoid face to cold or heat ventilation outlet or heat flow generating sources

The theory of movement of detection for PIR motion sensor is with correlation to temperature changes. Cold and heat ventilation outlet and cold/heat flow generating sources can trigger the false alarm, for some low performance motion sensor, air flow through windows may cause false alarm.

Should not aim to moving objects

Moving objects will trip the microwave sensor, thus with possibility of trigger false alarm. Analysis the intrusion pathway, the purpose of installation sensor is to prohibit criminal access protected area, before confirm the installation place, must considering the entry point of building. 

Avoid aim to moving objects and direct sun-shine

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