Security Dome Camera Applications, Installation and Maintenance tips

Since the surveillance systems are widely used in more and more fields, dome cameras with the features of easy maintenance, great vandal resistance…etc advantages, they are widely used for indoor video surveillance such as ceiling mount in stable illumination applications.

Dome camera’s applications

Dome camera is one of the most versatile camera styles. It with compact size and aesthetic design, typically used in elevator, corridor, checkout, front door…etc areas.


Elevator with sufficient light sources, therefore dome camera with minimum illumination≤1Lux and resolution≤420 tv lines can meet the basic surveillance requirement, it’s better to choose color camera. If the camera features with manual iris, manual focus and wide-angle fixed focus even better, suggested focal length should be 2.8-3.0mm.

Since elevator goes up and down, with too many power cables, and adopting special technology like AC frequency control technology, this definitely increase the difficulty on cable wiring for surveillance system. It’s better to choose better coaxial cable with high shielding performance, flexible bend, thick.


Corridor with good light condition whenever at day or night, thus choose the wide view angle dome camera with fixed manual iris and focal length, minimum illumination<=1Lux, resolution above 420 tv lines. If the environment with slowly changes on light and illumination is low, then it’s better to choose IR dome camera with wide view angle and auto iris lens. For the installation, ceiling mount close to stairs, this will not only allow camera capture images of entry and exit people, but also avoid vandalism. 

Front door

Light condition is unstable or changed rapidly in front door, thus the optimum choice is dome camera with auto iris and auto focus, narrow focal, wide dynamic color dome camera (or IR dome camera), this will avoid over-exposure phenomenon.

Vandal-proof IR dome cameraIndoor dome camera
Supporting 420, 600, 650, 700 tv lines, equipped 4mm fixed lens or 4-9mm vari-focal lens, multiply functions including 2DNR,3DNR, wide dynamic range, HLC/BLC, preset OSD menu.
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960H IR Dome Camera960H Vandal-proof IR Dome Camera
Easy installation, 3-axis rotation mechanism, 1/3 Sony Ex-view HAD II CCD image sensor, Effio-P DSP, resolution reach up to 700 tvl, multiply advanced functions,with OSD.
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Dome camera installation and maintenance

1. Know the technical information

Before or after get the dome camera, security installer or end-users should know technical information of camera such as input voltage, power consumption, and features.

2. Inspection

Before installation, should power up the camera and inspect the camera and make the adjustment.

3. Installation method

Before installation, you can choose to either wall ceiling mount or ceiling mount with bracket on the consideration of environment, security, and aesthetics.

4. Installation angle

The installation angle determined the distance and view angle of video monitoring, thus installation camera should be on the basis of onsite requirement. Example installation on front door less than 6 meters, the best suggested angle is 30°-60°; if it’s checkout, the suggested angle can be ±15°-20°. In summary, camera should avoid aim to direct light.

5. Do a good job of handling video connector

It’s very important job to keep the connection for the video output/input, power input/output, control signal terminal for camera.  During installation, make sure the connector is waterproof for avoid oxidation.

Typically, cameras are continuous working at 24 hours, thus it’s better have good maintenance, to extend the service hours of camera, also maintain camera can deliver high quality images. Some tips for camera’s maintenance

  • Get a good quality and stable power supply, otherwise will effect the image quality, even may damage the camera.
  • Frequently check the video cable and connection.
  • The camera should avoid direct sun-shine or strong light, otherwise it may damage of CCD image sensor. 
  • Clean the dust on the camera, Make sure use soft micro-fiber cloth to clean the lens.
  • Make a camera data file, in order to facilitate future inspection, testing

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