Contact ID protocol for alarm system communications

Today we are discussing the alarm communication protocols. Alarm protocols are the communication protocols between alarm panel and central monitoring station (or digital alarm receiver). Currently there are several protocols including 4+2 Express, Contact ID and SIA, Contact ID protocol is the widely used and acknowledged alarm protocols.


Talking about the "Contact ID", we should know the ADEMCO. 

ADEMCO had been the world leader in security. The company was one of sub-division of pittway corporation. Honeywell made the acquisition of the pittway corporation dated in February 2000.  "Contact ID" was the communication protocols embedded in ADEMCO security products for alarm communication, thus it became a standard protocol in intrusion & fire alarm industry.

With ADEMCO "Contact ID" protocols, different manufacturer's alarm products are compatible each other, this made a huge progress in alarm industry. If the alarm systems are compatible with "Contact ID", that means the alarm can connect to any Contact ID compatible central monitoring station for alarm monitoring.  As we know, all security companies'central stations are supporting "Contact ID" protocol.

Contact ID is a protocol, it contains user ID information and alarm information, as well as alarm system's status information.  Below it's an example of alarm receiving via Contact ID in central station:

Alarm via Contact ID protocol

(Contact ID doesn't contain address and contact information, these information were filled by security operator, when user subscriber the alarm monitoring service.)

What's the SIA alarm protocol?

SIA is another standard protocols for alarm communication. Different from Contact ID (CID), the SIA is actually using the FSK format for data transmission.

In summary, if you choose the alarm system for DIY, you may need connect it to monitoring center for alarm monitoring. Please note not all DIY alarm systems can link to central monitoring station, majority of DIY alarm systems only can report the alarm signal directly to home owner, may not link to your local alarm monitoring center. Only the alarm systems are compatible with Contact ID, 4+2 Express or SIA, therefore they can connect to CMS.

What's the caller ID in alarm system?

"Caller ID" is same like telephone caller ID, from Caller ID, you can know who is making the phone call. Caller ID also can trace the alarm, but you just know where is the alarm occurred, but you don't know what the detail information for the alarm. 

If the alarm system without any alarm protocols, it may use the "Caller ID" for alarm receiving and management, but it's not secure and lack of detail alarm information.

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