Fiber Optical Transceivers in Surveillance System

We herein simply explain the function of fiber optical transceiver in surveillance systems.

Let’s imaging, we have a large park need to install surveillance cameras, all cameras need to connect to central monitoring room for displaying capture images at monitor. If the park is very large and every cameras have a long distance to reach the surveillance center, some cameras are near, some cameras are far at 1200 meters.

If we are using the BNC coaxial cable for video transmission, there are two problems: Firstly, coaxial cable with limited transmission distance, maximum 700 meters, when the signal convey through long range distance to displaying monitor, video signal becomes weak, even can not display anything on the monitor. Secondly, the video transmission via coaxial cable is easy to interfere from strong magnetic or strong electric field, therefore cause video can not display properly. The solution for this problem is giving up the coaxial cable, use the fiber to transmit the signal. 

What’s the function of fiber optic transceiver? 

Fiber transmission is suitable for long range signal transmission. Now cameras are connecting to monitor, we cut the wires, put the 1200 meters fiber between the connection, wrap the tape the interface (or connector), can it work ? Absolutely No. Now you need to use the fiber optic transceiver. Optical transceiver coming as pair. You need to connect the optical transmitter to camera via BNC (or RJ45 for IP camera). The optic transmitter is converting video signal to optic signal, then transmit the signal out to optic fiber. On the end of fiber connects with a fiber optic receiver, which with function of covering optic signal to analogue video signal or digital signal to display on security monitor/DVR/NVR. Optic transceiver not only can transmit video signal, but also can transmit audio, internet, RS485 control signal…and more. Actually, optic transceiver is part of cable wiring. 

Fiber optical transmission theory for video surveillance system

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