800 tv lines CCTV Camera Solution AVS03P/AVS03A

It seems analog camera will not stop at 700 tv lines. Now you can find some 800 tv lines cctv cameras which built-in face detection and tracking functions. What's the 800 tv lines cctv cameras? Having this doubt, I checked with professional cctv camera solution provider in Shenzhen, and reveal there is a company called AVSDSP, they provide AVS03 series DSP for cctv cameras. AVS03P+A+692 Image CCD Sensor can deliver high quality images at horizontal resolution of 800 tv lines.

AVS03P+03A is the newest high resolution DSP, AVS03P plus the high intelligent DSP AVS03A and Sony 692 CCD image sensor, it can deliver high resolution images with powerful intelligent features for analogue surveillance cameras.

AVS03P is the latest high resolution CCTV DSP, with capability of capturing 800 tv line horizontal resolution images, with best performance on wide dynamic range, as well as low illumination, and advanced noise reduction, true color reproduction, adopting high-tech algorithm for meeting the high expectation from professional surveillance system. Except that, AVS03P with compact size design to minimize the power consumption, coupled with optimized application circuit, making the mass production more easy, and cost-effective. 

AVS03A-M is a powerful CCTV digital signal processor (DSP) for surveillance purpose, it can support megapixel CCD/CMOS image sensor, deliver high resolution images with sharper color and true color reproduction, advanced video analysis features such as Optical octave wide dynamic, 3D/2D noise reduction, slow shutter, intelligent IR control, digital fog penetration, human face detection, auto zoom in when detect face, target tracking, intelligent image adjustment…etc most high-end video surveillance processing functions.

The key features

  • Supporting progressive & interlace RGB or CMYG
  • Compliant Sony/Sharp 960H/760H CCD
  • High contrast scene detection, automatic wide dynamic range
  • Low illumination scene detection, automatic 3D/2D noise reduction
  • HDNR and slow shutter
  • Day & night detection, automatic exposure adjustment
  • Multi-target detection, automatic enlarge images
  • NTSC/PAL/CCIR656 video output
  • High quality color reproduction
  • Optical octave wide dynamic technology
  • 3D/2D noise reduction (HDNR), digital slow shutter
  • Anti-strong light compensation, smart IR control
  • Privacy mask zones
  • Digital image zoom in
  • Automatic face detection & tracking
  • Motion detection, multi-target detection
  • Preset OSD menu, RS485 control
  • Capture images at SD card

Day (Resolution + Color Contrast Improved 60%)

AVS03P+A+692 Image CCD SensorAVS03P+03A+692 CCD Board

AVS03A+673 Image CCD Sensor

AVS03A+673 CCD

Night (Resolution + Color Contrast Improved 50%)

AVS03P+A+692 At Night

AVS03A + 673 Image Sensor At Night

Face Detection and smart tracking, capturing facial images store into SD card

Face detection and tracking

Auto face detection, auto zoom in (enlarge images)

Automatically zoom in (enlarge images)

Virtual fence border setting, cross board alarm

cross border alarm in cctv camera

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