What differrence between 960H DVR and D1 DVR ?

When you are searching for standalone digital video recorder, you will see QCIF, CIF, D1, 960H parameters in every standalone DVR technical information table. CIF, D1, 960H are the recording and playback resolution for security DVR. These parameters are very important factors determined your video recording surveillance performance and resolution. 

We are providing high definition 960H DVR for your cctv system.

ItemWidth (Vertical Pixels)Height (Horizontal Pixels)Total(Pixels)
CIF 360 240 86,400
2CIF 720 240 172,800
VGA 640 480 307,200
D1 720 480 345,600
960H 960 480 552,960
720p 1,280 720 921,600
1080p 1,920 1,080 2,073,600

What's CIF ?

CIF is the abbreviation of Common Intermediate Format. CIF=360x240pixels

CIF format with follow features:

  1. The resolution is suitable for video home system (VHS), with resolution 360x240pixels
  2. Adopted non-interlaced scan
  3. Using NTSC, play video maximum frame rate at 30 000/1001≈29.97fps/second
  4. PAL tv system, resolution reach up to 288 tv lines.
  5. CIF format is an old standard for video surveillance system

What is D1 ?

In cctv system industry, everybody knows D1 is the resoltuion of recording, playback and display resolution. Actaully it's not ture. D1 is a digital tv system standard format, it is divided into the following categories:

D1: 480i format (525i): 720x480 (resolution 480tv lines, Interlaced), and NTSC tv system with same resolution, Line frequency 15.25kHz, the equivalent of what we call 4CIF (720 × 576).

D2: 480P format (525p), 720x480 (resolution 480tv, progressive scan), with more clear compared to the D1 interlaced, is e the equivalent of DVD resolution.

D3: 1080i format (1125i): 1920x1080 (resolution 1080 tv lines, interlaced scan), high definition video format, resolution 1920x1080i/60Hz, Line frequency 33.75kHz.

D4: 720P format (750p), 1280x720 (horizontal resolution 720 tv lines, progressive scan), a low resolution compared to D3, but with reason of progressive scan, many people feel D3 is more clear than D4, especially when display the characters, resolution 1280x720p/60Hz, line frequency 45kHz.

D5: 1080P format (1125P), 1920x1080 (horizontal resolution 1080tv lines, progressive scan), the highest standard resolution in tv system, resolution 1920x1080P/60Hz, line frequency 67.5KHz.

960H introduction

960H products are firstly intruced by Techwell and Sony, among analog security camera adopts sony new generation 960H CCD image sensor. Now, many security manufacturers begin to launch 960H series products for security solution. The 960H high definith analog camera adopts 960H CCD plus Effio DSP, offering high resolution, low noise and true color video footatge.

With development of 960H security camera, 960H DVR is coming into market. Only using 960H security camera and 960H DVR can build up a high definition 960H video surveillance system. 960H DVR can recording the video at 700 tv lines. It's compatible with 700 tv lines 960H security cameras. The 960H DVR offer high definition quality video both in real-time recording, viewing, playback.

Additionally, 960H resolution is 960x582, it's one quarter of 1080P resolution. So the 960H system can switch to 1080P system smoothly. Last, 960H security camera is the analog camera, transmitting video without delay, image resolution without coding or decoding, so the video footage more clear.

D1, CIF, 960H, 720P, 1080P resolution comparison diagram

Please note: 960H resolution is also called as wide D1 resolution (WD1), that means WD1 = 960H.

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