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800 tv lines CCTV Camera Solution AVS03P/AVS03A

It seems analog camera will not stop at 700 tv lines. Now you can find some 800 tv lines cctv cameras which built-in face detection and tracking functions. What's the 800 tv lines cctv cameras? Having this doubt, I checked with professional cctv camera solution provider in Shenzhen, and reveal there is a company called AVSDSP, they provide AVS03 series DSP for cctv cameras. AVS03P+A+692 Image CCD Sensor can deliver high quality images at horizontal resolution of 800 tv lines.

Buy Camera The notes before purchase the surveillance camera

For some people, purchasing and select surveillance camera is a headache. Now more and more surveillance camera widely installed in home, shop, factory, commercial building.

When you start to setup a shop, or need to install surveillance system; or you want to monitoring your home with surveillance system, when you are located in different city or outside for traveling.

In this article, we will give you some tips on purchasing and selecting surveillance camera.

Buy Security Camera:How to identify SONY and SHARP CCD

Nowadays security cameras are very cheap in the market, selling fake CCD security camera, and replace SONY CCD with SHARP CCD is a headache problem for the security market. (Especially import from China, but Unifore Security are using true 1/3 SONY CCD for our security cameras)

Also it’s a big problem for the importer, purchaser and end-user: “How to identify my security camera is using SONY CCD ?

CCD VS CMOS in video surveillance cameras

There are two different types of cameras in the video surveillance cameras; CCD cameras and CMOS cameras. Now these two types cameras dominated the surveillance market. Thus, how much information we obtained about CCD (charge coupled device) camera and CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) camera? What are differences between them?

CMOS image sensor

CCTV Cameras in security systems

Closed Circuit Television also known as CCTV is primarily used in security systems. It varies from broadcast in that the signal is not openly transmitted; there are usually point-to-point links. Video cameras, which can be either digital or analog, transmit a signal to a designated portal and the owner of the system can watch the video feed in real time, or review it after a crime has already occurred. The footage would provide the police with evidence that would help solve the crime.

Complete guidance for selection cctv surveillance cameras

Video surveillance systems play the vital role in deterrent criminals and provide the high quality video footage for investigation either for analysis or as evidence for legal purpose. Since the rapid development of video surveillance technology, the systems become more and more affordable for residential users.  Today you can find huge amount of similar cctv cameras with same price in the market. How to choose the right cctv cameras become the headache for some people who are not familiar with features of cctv cameras.

FAQ of security camera CCD Sensor, resolution, Sensitivity, Lens

CCD Sensor:

Now all the professional type cameras are CCD (Charged Coupled Device “in Castilian, charge-coupled device), and within these chips are not all equal, there are different sizes, the most common are 1 / 4? 1 / 3 “, 1 / 2? and 1 “in the type of image that will attract, the bigger the chip the greater the image quality to be obtained. The cameras are more common 1 / 3 “, and the image depends on the lens is placed.

How to buy security dome camera?

Surveillance cameras are used to remotely monitor activity within buildings. Surveillance cameras are used to provide additional surveillance in areas where it may be hard to position a manned patrol unit, or used in tandem with a patrol to provide extra coverage. If the camera detects an anomaly, an intruder, or a disturbance, an alert will be raised and units will be dispatched to investigate.

Unifore™ series infrared security camera integrated with 1/3 SONY HAD ii CCD, using latest long-life illuminators, with the IP66 rated waterproof design, Unifore™ series IR camera which can meet varies surveillance requirements of home, school, office, factory, public building, industrial fields…etc.

How to choose cctv cameras?

When purchasing a DVR Surveillance System for your home or business, the question comes to mind: “which CCTV Cameras would a professional Installer recommend for this application, and why?” This guide focuses on how to select cameras based on indoor/outdoor requirements, lighting, desired angle, and distance away from target. It also addresses the benefits—if any—of purchasing Sony over Sharp CCDs, size of the CCD, and TV Lines of Resolution.

How to install and connect CCTV cameras?

Generally, connection and installation of cctv camera is straightforward, but it turns out not all people are good at DIY, or familiar with electronic connection. Today we are writing this article with purpose of offering simple information for connection of CCTV cameras. Herein we are using one of IR bullet camera as an example in this article.

Introduction to Nextchip CCD ISP

Nextchip is another famous CCD ISP and Image sensor designer and manufacturer which is based in Korea.The company offers wide range of CCD image signal processor (ISP) and CCD sensor to meet the demands of emerging market of video surveillance industry. The current selling ISP models include NVP2041, NVP2080/2090, NVP2031, NVP2180/2190, NVP2030E, NVP2040E

New indoor/outdoor dome cameras vandal-resistant design

Dome cameras and bullet cameras are most popular security cameras for closed circuit video surveillance system (CCTV). Now we have some stylish dome cameras with vandal-resistant, lower-profile, better aesthetics design. Most importantly with dome cameras you can disguise the cameras. Some dome cameras with IR illuminator, and night vision distance can reach up to 100ft. These dome cameras are equipped with 4mm 2 mega-pixels fixed lens, can be equipped with 2.8mm to 12mm varifocal lens for optional.

New weatherproof security cameras for cctv

As we know, security camera is one of core component for whole cctv DVR system. Today, we are introducing a new weatherproof security camera-TSRO32/60/70IR40M.  TSRO32/60/70IR40M is the high quality bullet security camera for indoor and outdoor installation. The security camera adopts the latest second generation high sensitive CCD and DSP, it can provide clear and low-noise images. The camera with 420tv lines, 600 tv lines, 700 tv lines for meeting varies security surveillance application.
This bullet camera offers clear colour vision during the day, and black & white picture at night. It's equipped with 42pcs long-life infrared LEDs for reaching up to 40 meters night vision distance

The True 960H Analogue CCTV Camera

Generally, the resolution of camera depends on three factors; CCD image sensor, DSP chipset, and Lens, With above good quality hardware, the camera can output true 960H resolution images.

Firstly it’s CCD image sensor, to describer the resolution of CCD image sensor is its horizontal resolution, Currently analogue high definition camera are adopting Sony Ex-view HAD CCD, the horizontal resolution can reach up to 960H, compared to 760H, 960H increase 30% of pixels, also low illumination performance improve one times. On the aspect of image, the horizontal resolution pixels increase from 440,000 pixel to 570,000 pixel, increased lots of detail of images, and more clear on images, few noise under low illumination. 

Use of video balun and CAT5 cable for CCTV Cameras

Balun is the abbreviation of balance+unbalance. A video balun is an one of important accessories that converts between a balanced signal and an unbalanced signal. 

The reason why use video baluns? Video baluns, also known as CAT5 baluns, enable security installers to utilize CAT5 cable running video (and optionally power) for CCTV video cameras. A video balun is positioned on both ends of the CAT5 cable run and uses one of the the twisted pairs from the CAT5 cable to transfer the video from the camera to a DVR or monitor. There are also multi-camera baluns that could use the four twisted pairs in CAT5 to transfer the video for up to 4 cameras. The majority of security camera installers are familiar with using RG59 Siamese coax cable for CCTV, as this is actually the industry standard cable and also permits installers to run both the video from the camera and power to the camera by using a single cable run. There are versions of video baluns that also support running power to CCTV video cameras in addition to the video. These are some of the most common reasons that a security installer would choose to use CAT-5 cable rather than RG59 for a CCTV application.

What's IP66 security camera?

Today security cameras play important role in security and protection. For both indoor and outdoor installation environment, the security device must meet the standard ingress protection to against undesirable conditions. To ensure the properly usage of outdoor environment, the security camera must be designed with full sealed protection which has ingress rate to against liquid water.

What's the UTC cctv cameras?

Nowadays, video surveillance cameras are widely used to protect and monitor residential and commercial, but vast majority of security cameras are installed either on the ceiling or wall where it's not easy to access for preventing vandalism. Therefore this lead to repairing, testing, adjusting of cameras become inconvenient to users. For solving this inconvenience, one of Chinese companies invented new technology-UTC. UTC is the new technology enables user to remotely set the OSD (On screen display) menu for analogue security cameras.