The True 960H Analogue CCTV Camera

Generally, the resolution of camera depends on three factors; CCD image sensor, DSP chipset, and Lens, With above good quality hardware, the camera can output true 960H resolution images.

Firstly it’s CCD image sensor, to describer the resolution of CCD image sensor is its horizontal resolution, Currently analogue high definition camera are adopting Sony Ex-view HAD CCD, the horizontal resolution can reach up to 960H, compared to 760H, 960H increase 30% of pixels, also low illumination performance improve one times. On the aspect of image, the horizontal resolution pixels increase from 440,000 pixel to 570,000 pixel, increased lots of detail of images, and more clear on images, few noise under low illumination. 

960H vs D1 vs CIF resolution

Secondly it’s DSP image signal processing unit and lens, DSP with the main function of Demosaic, 3A, Gama correction, Noise reduction, Wide dynamic range…etc. Supporting analogue HD, DSP must support 960H CCD, to achieve 650 tv line above horizontal resolution. On the wide dynamic range, analogue DSP adopting Inter-frame wide dynamic technology, wide dynamic range improve at 75dB; Finally, camera lens is one of core component for video surveillance camera, its quality determines the performance of camera. For meeting the high resolution requirements, analogue camera must adopt megapixel lens, to achieve better image quality. More over, for the low illumination environment, user should choose camera lens with big Aperture, thus camera can collect more light for better low illumination performance. 

Only with 960H security camera is not enough for analogue HD system, also you need consider the other equipment in whole system. In the analogue system, it consists of camera and DVR, if the front-end camera adopting HD camera, the back-end must be HD DVR, otherwise the HD camera is meaningless. In addition, other parts like monitor, transmission cable and other related equipment must reach the HD standard.

The advantages of 960H camera

Better color images: high performance of CCD, improved the image quality, except that, improvement on ISP data processing and functions, increased the color fidelity.

Significantly enhance the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio: Analog HD ISP noise reduction technology from the traditional 2D noise reduction upgrade to the current cutting-edge 3D noise reduction, increased the original intra denoising based on inter-frame noise reduction function, improved the S/N ratio from 48dB to 52dB, The noise reduction effect is more obvious.

Wide dynamic range improvement: Effio ISP adopts Inter-frame wide dynamic technology, wide dynamic range enhance to 120dB. WDR makes image the light and dark parts of the details are clearer, closer to the actual effect of the human eye to see. Of course, this means that the backlight compensation and exposure shutter technology must be upgraded at the same time, rather than a simple numeric comparison.

OSD menu extend function: Since the ISP technology improvement, now you can embedded the OSD into ISP, OSD menu is one of the highlights for 960H camera, different manufacturers will add more extra features like image demisting, face detection, motion detection, privacy mask…etc functions, on the basis of their technical advantages or product features.

Easy to upgrade: 960H camera output standard CVBS signal, compatible with exist standard analogue system, without changing on cable layout. Compared to digital signal, Analogue signal with advantage of without delay on video transmission, true color reproduction, easy maintenance.

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