Buy Camera The notes before purchase the surveillance camera

For some people, purchasing and select surveillance camera is a headache. Now more and more surveillance camera widely installed in home, shop, factory, commercial building.

When you start to setup a shop, or need to install surveillance system; or you want to monitoring your home with surveillance system, when you are located in different city or outside for traveling.

In this article, we will give you some tips on purchasing and selecting surveillance camera.


For some user, if want to install a surveillance camera which want to scare the intruders out of home or shop, then a normal surveillance camera is suitable for this situation.

But for most of users, install surveillance camera not only scare the intruders, but also can get the proof from the recording video, so they purchase surveillance camera carefully.

Resolution: Image & Detail

Normally, when emergency incidents happened and need to play the record video, security guard (or police man) can get the clear and detail view of illegal actions.

But, it’s difficult when we need to check the details (for example, the face of thief).

The reality is we often face this kind of problem: enlarge the so-called high resolution image’s detail, then it will cause mosaic, and can’t get any valuable information, that’s the problem of low resolution of surveillance camera. So before purchase the surveillance camera, user need to consider the resolution of surveillance camera firstly, and know how much resolution can meet you solution.

Illumination: Dark and Bright Environment

Except the size of resolution, illumination also is a problem when purchasing surveillance camera.

The reason is surveillance camera with narrow illumination adjustable scale, it can not take the clear view on the dark side and bright side simultaneously, this lead to dark side will be very dark, and bright side will be very bright. Therefore, for some specific installation environment, like door exit and enter, installation camera will face the counter-light problem, when it’s not possible to adjust the position of surveillance camera, then you should to choose Wide Dynamic Camera or with back-light compensation function surveillance camera to solve the counter-light problem.

Sensitivity: Day & Night

In some places, the surveillance need to run 24 hours, especially intrusion rate is high at night, so this requires surveillance camera can get the clear view (high quality video) at night. But, at night, the surveillance environment is dark,  it still can get the clear view. Even the surveillance environment is different, but good surveillance camera can get the clear view.

For same camera, they can get clear view at day, but they  get dark image at night.

This situation is related to the sensitivity of surveillance camera, low sensitivity surveillance camera is with weak sensitive for visible light or infrared light. So when purchasing security camera, need to check if the camera can get clear view (high quality image) at night.

Price Sector

Many client are willing to purchase security camera with famous brand, and thought the quality is reliable, but we should remind you that nowadays security camera are the same in the market, famous brand products are the same quality of cameras in the market.

It’s sure that users are inclined to purchase low price products, and bargaining the price, so many manufacturer without basic profit, for this situation, we would say, what we can provide for the quality service.

After-sales service

The best after-sales service is doesn't need the after-sales service, but it’s not possible. Many users are not willing to contact with after sales. But, even people will get sick, what about the products, products with small problem is not inevitable, now we need to consider the after-sale service. Security product’s after-sales does not simply include repairing and service, the content including the product’s quality, repair service, parts (components) supply, technical information support and guidance or training…etc. For different manufacturer, there is different rules for the after-sales service, before purchase products, user must get these information.

Except that, Voltage support, S/N radio, and auto vari-focal…etc is also some information we need to consider, before we purchase the surveillance camera. After purchased camera, installation must be careful, should follow the instruction manual.

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