What's the UTC cctv cameras?

Nowadays, video surveillance cameras are widely used to protect and monitor residential and commercial, but vast majority of security cameras are installed either on the ceiling or wall where it's not easy to access for preventing vandalism. Therefore this lead to repairing, testing, adjusting of cameras become inconvenient to users. For solving this inconvenience, one of Chinese companies invented new technology-UTC. UTC is the new technology enables user to remotely set the OSD (On screen display) menu for analogue security cameras.

Introduction to UTC

"UTC" is the abbreviation of Up The Coax, "UTC" is new technology adopted in analogue video surveillance system. The UTC can allow user to remotely set the camera's OSD through its UTC integrated circuit (IC). Most important, to adopt the UTC technology, it doesn't require to change the original circuit design of CCTV cameras, therefore UTC is built-in the coaxial cable, the control signal will transmit through the coaxial cable.

UTC cctv camera working theory

The advantage of UTC camera

Apparently, the UTC (Up The Coax) technology can save installation and testing time, eliminate the hassle maintenance, this allows user to make changes to the camera settings without having to access the camera directly.

  • Access the camera's OSD menu remotely through the coaxial cable
  • Program the outdoor camera from inside
  • Reduce the time and eliminate hassles for viewing camera's settings
  • Adjust setting without accessing the camera directly
  • Affordable solution without changing original design of camera
  • Only works with analogue camera with OSD (960H, over 650TVL)
UTC cctv camera

With the UTC technology, user can do all the programming remotely over the coaxial cable. User can simply plug in the remote controller to the coax which is connected to the camera (with OSD function), connect the video output to DVR system or a monitor, then you can access the OSD menu and adjust the settings.

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