Infrared laser beam sensor widely used for perimeter protection systems

A perimeter alarm system is one that will go into alarm before an intruder enters your home, not after. Many alarm companies (the majority being the “free” alarm companies) will recommend a system that focuses on protecting the main entry doors, and placing motion sensors in “strategic” areas around your home.  The thinking is that should an intruder enter through any of the windows, they will eventually walk in front of a motion sensor and the alarm will sound.  The problem with this setup is that the intruder is already inside your house!  Now they have nothing to lose and grab whatever they can.  This is especially a problem if you like to arm your system while you’re at home.  Most likely you will have to “bypass” some of the motion sensors to do this, so you can walk about the house without setting off your alarm.  Now, you have a serious drop in your level of protection, and a false sense of security.

Active Perimeter Detection System in London Parliament Building

A perimeter alarm concentrates on all of the accessible entry points of your home, so that the alarm will sound BEFORE the intruder enters the home.  Chances are, the intruder will cut his or her losses and flee the situation, leaving your house and all its contents (including your family!) undisturbed.

Unifore Security is professional manufacturer and supplier for GSM cellular perimeter security alarm systems, The GSM perimeter security adopts invisible Active Infrared Beam Motion Detection Technology which effectively reduce the false alarm by the weather, rain, pets, animal..etc.

With the weatherproof design, IR Beams can install both inside and outside.

Double connection (wireless and wired) between IR Beams and alarm panel, alarm panel built-in telephone auto dialer (PSTN Module), as well as GSM Cellular Dialer (GSM Module), users can obtain alarm information in real-time by telephone and mobile phone (SMS).

It’s a professional solution for protection of exterior (perimeter) and interior intrusion and safety of house,warehouse, shop, store, school, commercial building.

Infrared Laser alarms provide complete home security. Home security is incredibly important, and there are many different methods that you can choose to go with. One of the most recent technological advancements in home security is laser alerts. Laser alerts actually create laser beams of light that can be placed either around the perimeter of your home, or even within your home.

Active Perimeter Detection System in Residential

These Infrared laser beams actually provide you with a fair amount of flexibility. You can place them in a variety of locations at various heights. When an intruder disrupts the laser it will signal the alarm to emit a warning signal alerting you and your neighbors to a possible break in.

Exterior Infrared  laser alerts are perhaps the most common type of laser alarm. Though they are generally fairly expensive, exterior laser alerts are very popular because of how discrete they can be. Exterior laser alerts can be hidden in bushes and can go virtually unnoticed. This type of alarm is very easy to turn on and off which makes it very user friendly.

This type of infrared  laser alarm is very useful to set up around the perimeter of your property, but this is not its only use. Many individuals use this type of alarm around their swimming pool. Especially with small pets and children this can be really useful to alert you to the fact that someone is getting too close to the edge of the pool.

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