Buy Security Camera:How to identify SONY and SHARP CCD

Nowadays security cameras are very cheap in the market, selling fake CCD security camera, and replace SONY CCD with SHARP CCD is a headache problem for the security market. (Especially import from China, but Unifore Security are using true 1/3 SONY CCD for our security cameras)

Also it’s a big problem for the importer, purchaser and end-user: “How to identify my security camera is using SONY CCD ?

It’s true,  we can not get pre-warned, due to there are so many suppliers and manufacturers are providing all kinds of security camera.

In China, about 30% selling security camera are not using SONY CCD, but selling with the tag of SONY CCD, especially for cheap low cost security cameras. (Statistics in 2009) This may happen for you on someday,  the seller (supplier or manufacturer) may replace the SONY CCD with SHARP CCD.

The reason is to minimize the cost of security camera. Selling fake SONY CCD camera is the one of big sources of some suppliers & manufacturers’profit. Therefore, how we can identify SONY CCD and SHARP CCD ? We show you the simple methods as below:

1. From the outside view of CCD, if it’s a standard camera, then you just need to take out the dust-cover, and check the CCD’s PIN.

From left to right: SONY, SHARP, Panasonic, Korea A1 CCD

Above picture is showing the difference of CCD between SONY, SHARP, Panasonic, Korea A1, it’s clear that on SONY CCD, there  is a hole in the middle in both sides of metal contacts.

(like the teeth without Incisor).

Without Incisor(a hole) is the major features of SONY CCD; SHARP CCD without any hole between of metal contacts; Panasonic CCD without hole as well, but the metal contact line is wide; check the Korea A1 CCD, with hole between both side of metal contact, but this hole is more narrow than SONY CCD.

Due to Korea A1 CCD with hole, so it’s the best alternatives for SONY CCD 405,  but the image quality is more bad than SONY CCD.

2. Check the image quality:  Normally, the same 1/3 CCD: SONY CCD is more colorful, and true; SHARP CCD color underweight,serious differences of color. When at low illumination environment (dark light), SONY CCD with small noise compare to SHARP CCD.

Now major CCD:

SONY, SHARP, Panasonic, Korea A1, SAMSUNG

D.S.P Chips:

  • SONY: SS-1 (2163), SS-11(3141/2), SS-11X (4103), SS-HQ1, SS-2,
  • SHARP: D4 (38603), D5 (coming soon)
  • Panasonic: D5

We herein list the major security camera CCD + DSP solution:

  • SONY Standard Solution CCD: SONY SS-11, SS-1 (few), SS-11X, NEXTCHIP, HITACHI, A-NOVA
  • SHARP Standard and High Solution:SHARP D4, HITACHI, NEXTCHIP, A-NOVA
  • Panasonic Standard and High Soltuion: Panasonic D5 (major)

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