How to connect solar power to IR beam sensor and alarm system?

Silicon solar panel is the major products which can convert solar to electricity.?Now due to the mature of silicon solar panel technology, more and more people are using the silicon solar panel as of the sources of power supply.

The beauty of silicon solar panel is it costs less money, and the life-span of panel can be 25 year or 30 years (continuous working), In addition, it is one of ?the most clean and green technology in the world.

Silicon Solar Panel Working Theory

Why silicon solar panel can work in security system ? what are the advantages ?

Now we are still facing the problem on the outside protection on using the conventional alarm system.

The reason is using alarm system need to use the power, if alarm system are installed outside, then it’s hard to provide the power supply for them, even we can use the battery for alarm system, but the batter’s life-span is very short.?(normally dry (or Li-ion) battery only can work small sensors or detection device).

The advantage of solar panel is it can provide the continuous (rechargeable battery for backup) power supply for alarm device, and due to need the sunlight, so it need to work outside, recently many companies are providing solar panel powered perimeter alarm systems.

How to connect to solar panel ?

Before use the solar panel, you need to get the clear idea that solar panel will not work at night, then you need to add a rechargeable battery as backup for keep your alarm device working at night.

Solar Panel Security Alarm System Connection

Notes: Do not use the IR beam detector build-in with solar panel, the reason is every professional staff knows that IR beam detector can not installed the environment which is facing the direct sunlight.

Using the separate solar panel can solve this problem.

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