Burglar alarm system installation tips

Burglary or theft is a common crime in our daily life, so burglar alarm equipment is widely used. Since the developing of technology and  improvement of living quality, the burglar alarm system effectively help people to prevent the burglary crime.

Talking to the burglar alarm system, it normally consists of intrusion detectors, alarm control panel and CMS (central monitoring station). The basic alarm systems only come with intrusion detectors and alarm control panel, as well as strobe siren. Since the mature of the technology, the decreasing of the price, more and more home owner accept the burglar alarm system. In the home owner market, you can find it in anywhere. But compared to other electronic appliance, people operate and install the alarm system with more difficulties. Wrong installation caused false alarm  or  omit alarm for many people. For this reason we summarized some tips on the installation of alarm system, and hope it's helpful.


Installation location is very important.

Where install the alarm system can directly afffect the performance of alarm system. If install the alarm system in a wrong location, it not only can not achieve of anti-burglary functions, but also it's hard to move the system. For installation of alarm system, the alarm control panel must be installed the place where exist with power cable and telephone line, for GSM unit, then you need to install it to the place where covered with GSM signal. Except that, installation place must be easy to lay the cable, wireless alarm control panel should be installed in the center position to receive the wireless signal, and avoid the transmission problem. At last, burglar alarm system is belong to High RF electronics, should not install nearby to other electronics and appliance.

Choose the good alarm system is secondary.

After choosed the correct installation location, then we should consider to choose good product. Except encourage people to buy the famous brand alarm system, people may neglect the importance of cable layout. Most of time people with low requirements on the cable laying to reduce the cost, this will increase the security risk. Some of professional intruders may try to cut the calbes to disable the alarm system. When choose the cable laying pipe, should use the Galvanized steel pipe, avoid to use the PVC pipe to install the system. PVC pipe without the enough hardness rate, can be damaged more easily. Choose the high rate of hardness pipe can increase the security of burglar alarm system.

Conceal installation of alarm system

The purpose of installation of burglar alarm system is to anti-burglary. Most of intruders may investigate the crime location for a long time before the action, so the burglar alarm system should be installed in a conceal place to prevent the potential damage from intruder. Most of people may think that install the alarm system to scare the intruders, but the reality is most of intruders with advanced professional knowledge, show the alarm system to intruders, equally give the key of gate to them, professional intruders may hack the burglar alarm system easily. In a nutshell, the installation of alarm system should adopt conceal method to reduce the risk of anti-alarm or damage of system.

Except the invisible of installation of burglar alarm system, the invisibility of the cables are also very important, If the intruder cut the cales, then alarm system may not works.

In nowadays'home decoration, it not only should consider the beatiful of decoration, but also the requirements of home security. Combining the becautiful design and home security together can achieve purpose of provide perfect, safety, and secure environment for the house.

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