How to connect hardwired sensor to alarm panel?

Obviously, we have wrote several articles about the hard-wired wiring for the sensors. Unfortunately, it seems the hard-wired connection is not straightforward, and cause headache for some people who are not familiar with hard-wired alarm systems. Since several clients were asking us to provide the wiring diagram with real products for the hardwired connection. Today we write this article with some high definition photos to explain what the hardwired connection is, how to connect the hardwired sensors to alarm system.

Active connection for hardwired zones

Actually, I don't know exact meaning of active connection. For this connection, the sensor need to connect with power supply either from alarm panel or separately power source. For instance, VS-YH800 (Dual-tech motion sensor) requires +12V power input for working, such kind of these sensors requires active connection.  We have already connected to this sensor into alarm panel, check below gallery (click to enlarge photo).

Motion Sensor with alarm panel Motion Sensor with alarm panel Motion Sensor with alarm panel Motion Sensor with alarm panel

How to connect motion sensor to alarm panel?

This hard-wired motion sensor has alarm output, voltage input, and tamper output design. We can only use three wires cable for this hardwired connection. The connection method is using red wire connection between +12V of sensor and AUX of alarm panel. Connecting the GND to COM of alarm panel with black wire. Yellow wire is for connection of hardwired zones between sensor and alarm panel. Due to using the tamper output, therefore it connects to tamper output. EOL resistor is must for this connection. The connection is Normal Close connection.

Connect motion sensor to alarm panel

Passive connection for hardwired zones

Below is a real example for connection between panic button and hardwired alarm panel. For this connection, you just need to use two wires cable. One wire connect to zone + with EOL resistor and the other wire connect to COM. The wiring is pretty simple, and using the same method you can connect any hardwired door sensor to hardwired alarm panels.

Panic button connects to alarm panel

Notice: All above connections are Normal Close. The EOL resistor should be linked into wiring, also should put it in the end of sensor for supervising the wiring. The EOL resistor with specific Ohm value (2.2K). After you complete the wiring, making sure put back the cover of the sensor, as well pressing in tamper switch, therefore the connection will work properly.

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