Wire PIR motion detector to wired alarm system

This article can help some of clients who don't know how to use the hardwired zones.

Now we are make a example of G70-GTW system connect to hardwired PIR Motion Detectors (VS-YH300).

1. Wiring the cable of power supply from control panel to PIR motion detector (Red is +12V, Black is GND).

2. Connect the EOL Resistor to PIR Motion Detector (We are using 2.2KOmh Resisors)

3. Wring the cable for wired zones (Z+ and Z-), please note that due to Z- is connecting to GND, so that they share the same black wire.

wire PIR Motion detector to alarm system diagram

(VS-YH300)                     (VS-YH400

Wire DG85 Outdoor PIR Motion Detector


4. Connect to external power (AC/DC adapter),turn on the power.

(Please note that if you want to use hardwired zones,  you must to connect external power to G70-GTW)

5. Activate the wired zones for G70-GTW. When in programming status, select menu of Zone attribute, then input the zone number which you need to activate, in Bypass zone menu, select No).

Bypass zone selection

(Hardwired zones numbers are from 31 to 37)

6. Testing the connection. Before testing the connection, you need to put back the cover and close the PIR Motion detector (so that it can test the tamper alarm).

(If you don't close the cover of PIR Motion detector, it will not trigger the alarm)

7. The real connection photo as below:

Wiring of wired PIR


Above article shows the NC connection (the default setting of PIR relayoutput are NC)

8. How to wire more than one (example: 2 or 3) wired sensors into one (single) zone ?

Actually wiring more than one wired sensors into a single zone is pretty easy,  you just need to connect them in series, then only put the EOL resistor to the last of wired sensor.  After finish the wiring, you need to power up the sensor, then using the multi-meter to measure the resistor value in this zone. If the resistor value is 2.2K, then it means the wiring is correct.

wire more than one sensor into a single zone diagram

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