How to wire hardwired outdoor strobe siren to our alarm system ?

It seems that hardwired outdoor strobe sirens are get popular nowadays. Now more and more our clients order hardwired outdoor strobe siren for alarm system. Although the hardwired outdoor strobe siren come with user manual and installation manual, but many clients are get confused on how to connect it to our alarm system. We hereby use the G70 as an example for the connection. Our hardwired strobe siren totally can support 2 connection methods. If clients purchased our alarm system and sirens, please choose the method 2.

1. This method for hardwired strobe siren that doesn't use the backup battery or without backup battery. If you want to use this methods to work with G70 alarm system, then you should not use the backup battery.

Hardwired siren connection diagramReal photo of wiring hardwired siren

Explanation: Red and Black are connecting to siren output, it's not power supply.  When alarm is triggered, the alarm system will output +12 voltage from siren output. Yellow wire is for triggering the sounder and flash simultaneously.

Note: Using hardwired strobe siren without backup battery, the siren without power failure and cut-wire protection.

2. This method for the hardwired strobe siren with backup battery. If you ordered hardwired outdoor strobe siren from us, then you get the backup battery inside for hardwired outdoor strobe siren.  If the siren does not use backup battery, and make the connection according to method 1, the hardwired strobe siren will continuously make sounder and flash. The reason is our hardwired strobe sirens with power supply failure and cut-wire protection.  The correct method 2 as below:

Hardwired siren connection diagram using separate power supply Real photo shoot of connection method 2

Explanation: Red 1 is power supply for hardwired strobe siren. For our G70 alarm system, it comes from the hardwired zone connector (Red cable), Red 2 and black wires are from siren output of alarm system. The working theory is hardwired strobe siren with power supply, and siren output send out the trigger signal.

3. For our outdoor siren, it supports internal tamper protection and exterior tamper protection. Internal tamper protection means when strobe siren opened, the siren will trigger, but the alarm system will not trigger. Exterior tamper protection means when open the strobe siren, the siren will trigger the alarm system, then siren will trigger. For ultimate protection for the siren, you may need to use the exterior temper protection and connect the temper switch to alarm zones, the correct wiring method diagram as below:

wired siren wiring method diagram

Please note that in above diagram, tamper protection is NO (normal open) dry contact output, and the alarm panel z- is connecting to GND in the alarm panel by default, so that we connect other side of tamper protection to GND.  If Z- is not connecting with GND in circuit, then the other side of tamper protection output should connect to Z-. R means EOL resistor, it's essential when wire any sensors or accessories into wired zone.

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