Burglar alarm system training course part 2-installation.

Nowadays most of people are shopping online for various of products. People can purchase a burglar alarm system when just do some clicks in a minute. Getting products is easy, and now people are facing the problem of installation. Even you have got a so-called user manual, but it just tell you how to program and how to config the alarm system. Seldom information on the installation issue. It's true that alarm equipment is installed by the professional installer, not end-user. Consequences of the world financial crisis, now more and more people can not afford to pay the installation and monthly monitoring fee.

People are tending to cut the cost and like to DIY, self-monitoring. Now we hereby provide some useful information about the installation of alarm systems for those non-professional end-user.

Villa, house, warehouse perimeter protection

Typically, Active Infrared Beam Detectors work as the major component for perimeter alarm system. These detectors are installed outside and create an invisible infrared fence around the house, warehouse, commercial building. When intruder break-in the invisible infrared ray, the alarm will be triggered.

There are two installation methods:

A. Install the Active Infrared Beam Detector in the major pathway.

The major function is prevent illegal intruder to pass, and prevent the false alarm caused by pets, animal...etc, the installation height should be 50CM above ground. In addition, ground passing objects with high speed, the beam response time should be on fast level.

B. Prevent the intruder climb the wall, there are two installation methods: Top installation, Side installation, for the purpose of pre-warning, installation postion should be close to inner wall. The installation height should be 15-20 cm above the top of wall to prevent the false alarm caused by birds, cat...etc.

Wall Installation Of Active Infrared Beam Detector

Outside protection for villa, garden, warehouse

If you have a villa and garden or warehouse need to protect, then you can choose to use the Outdoor PIR Motion Detector (like DG85). The installation shoud be 2.2 M above height. The Detector should face the detection area, also should avoid the direct sunlight, lamplight...etc.

Balcony protection

Most of house with the balcony, balcony is the easy access point that people can break-in. Fence detectors are idea detection equipment for balcony protection. Fence detector can replace the iron fence with the advanctage of low-cost, conveinence, invisible, anti-false alarm...ect.

Fence detectors work with muti-infrared beams, when intruder cut the beam, the alarm will be triggered immediately. According to different height of balcony, you can choose different beams and height of fence detector.

Bedroom, Guest room, company offices protection

Bedroom and guest room, company offices are belong to the interior protection. Usually, using the magnetic contact switch for each of windows and doors, Wide angel PIR Motion detector to protect. For office, like finanicial department, you can choose the Dual tech Motion detector to increase the detection reliability.

Installation the wide-angle PIR should above 2.2 M height, and detection angle should avoid to face the windows, or moving objects. Curtain PIR Motion detector should be installed on the top of door and windows, avoid moving objects in the detection area.

Lobby, inside of warehouse, big office protection

Wide angel PIR Motion detector with narrow detection range, may not cover the big area. For the large internal area detection, it's better to choose Ceiling PIR Motion Detector. Ceiling PIR Motion detector with the installation method of ceiling mount. The detection angle is 360 degree.

Protection for glass display windows or windows

Glass break detector adopts advanced voice technology to analysis the glass break vibration for protect of glass windows.  Installation method should be the point of wall that near to window. The distance between detector and target window shoud be within the detection range, do not place any obstacles between them.

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