Seven features for burglar alarm control panel

The major features of burglar alarm control panel include: Zone Type and Zone capacity, Arm/Disarm and Alarm, Event log and inquiry, communication, self-checking and display, password and reset, expand module...etc many aspects.

Burglar Alarm System Control Panel

1. Zone Type and Zone capacity: Typically, a medium size of alarm control panel should contain with zone type to make the management more simple and conveinence, large size of control panel should contain more zone types.

There are plenty of zone types: Exit delay zone, perimeter zone, motion zone, emergency zone, medical help zone, fire zone...etc. Also each of zone with different attribute, for example: Siren ON/Off, Bypass ON/OFF, Wireless/Hardwired, Alarm Delay ON/OFF...etc.

The zone capacity and type, as well as attribute should meet the requirements, not the more the better.  In fact, many brands of alarm control panel contain with too much zone types and attribute, this effect the easy operation and programming.

2. Arm, Disarm and Alarm: Arm/Disarm with several different types that include: Home Arm, Away Arm, Pre-set time Arm and Disarm, Single zone Arm and Disarm, Test Arm, Bypass Zone Arm...etc. The more of types, the better for people to use.

Alarm consist two types, one type is sensor trigger alarm; the other is self-inspection alarm, such as tamper, power supply, siren loop, zone loop, telephone line cut...etc. These alarms with correlation of self-inspection and giving the protection for control panel.

3. Event log and inquiry: The control panel should store all the alarm event logs and the operation logs, user can easy to inquiry when people need to check. The event log should not be modified or delete, also the event should be kept in the event of failure of power supply. These logs provide the valuable evidence, when have to commit a investigation.

4. Communication:  Include compatibility of alarm communication protocol, communication objects and direction. Typically telephone line is the major communication method, and more than two control panels to connect with central monitoring station, also with the ability of auto dialing personal call to notify the alarm. Some of control panels added with GSM cellular module or IP module, as the backup or secondary equipment to improve the stability of communication.

5. Self-inspection and display: With features of self-inspection and maintenance, normally with external AC/DC power supply monitoring, Tamper, Siren Loop, Zone Loop, Telephone line cut, Communication failure...etc. With more functions of self-inspection, the alarm control panels are more reliable. When problem comes out, the LED keypad should display the required indications for easy understand and remember.

6. Password and reset: Normally there are installer password, administrator password, user password, duress...etc. The alarm control panel should design with reset function, when lost the password or in other special condition, user can reset the alarm system to factory status and re-program the alarm system. For the large control panel with too much program design, it contains several level of reset, user can reset specific level to reduce the working-load of re-program.

7. Expansion and Compatibility: Through connect to module, the alarm control can be expand, for example: increase the zone capacity, wireless zone compatibility, Output module, or connect to Access control system...etc. These functions are used in specific environment, can meet the special requirements.

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