Strobe Siren

How to program alarm system to wireless strobe siren

This article is related to program wireless alarm system into wireless strobe siren. If you purchased the wireless siren from us, you indeed need to do the programming by yourself.

As described above, you need program the alarm system to siren, not program siren into alarm system.  Herein it's step by step procedures:

How to wire hardwired outdoor strobe siren to our alarm system ?

It seems that hardwired outdoor strobe sirens are get popular nowadays. Now more and more our clients order hardwired outdoor strobe siren for alarm system. Although the hardwired outdoor strobe siren come with user manual and installation manual, but many clients are get confused on how to connect it to our alarm system. We hereby use the G70 as an example for the connection. Our hardwired strobe siren totally can support 2 connection methods. If clients purchased our alarm system and sirens, please choose the method 2.

New outdoor strobe siren for home and business

Siren (bell) is a very important component of output device for the alarm system (including fire alarm and intrusion alarm). Scare away the intruders and alert people inside of house or your neighbors are major two functions for siren.