New outdoor strobe siren for home and business

Siren (bell) is a very important component of output device for the alarm system (including fire alarm and intrusion alarm). Scare away the intruders and alert people inside of house or your neighbors are major two functions for siren.

Important key features for siren.

a. Anti-smash design

When intruder break in and triggered the alarm, system will setoff the siren, the intruder may try to smash the siren, small indoor sirens are easily to destroy, due to it only adopts the plastic housing.

b. Big noise.

The bigger of noise that the siren can make, the better for protection of your home and business. Normally, most of companies or installers are providing the indoor siren. It's not enough, especially for the enclosed environment, small indoor siren can not make big enough noise.

It's essential for getting a powerful outdoor siren (for example 30W) for your home and business.

c. Tamper Design

After installed strobe siren with tamper protection design, when people try to remove (smash) the strobe siren, it will trigger the tamper alarm.

d. Backup Power Design

If your alarm system is not possible to provide backup power for siren, then it’s essential to choose siren with backup battery inside.

Even your system with backup battery, we still require client to use the strobe siren that come with backup battery design. The reason is outdoor siren with power consume of 30W, when loose the AC electricity, the strobe siren with backup power can still work for many hours, and this will decrease the power consume from alarm panel.

There are more features that are also important for alarm siren, for example: trigger siren and strobe lighter separately, positive and negative siren/strobe light trigger ways...etc.

Vstar security is searching and developing security products for many years, we know well and highly concerned on the requirements on our clients. Our new designed powerful outdoor strobe siren are widely used in protection of home, bank, hospital, warehouse, school.

New Outdoor Strobe Siren 1.Double housing design prevent smash, hit by the intruders. Waterproof design for outdoor usage.
Loud Outdoor Strobe Siren 2.Tamper protection design on front and back of strobe siren.
High power outdoor strobe siren 3.Can be powered by backup battery in case of power off.
Loud intrusion alarm outdoor strobe siren 4. Other features:Intrusion alarm strobe siren

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