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4-Channel Selectable Frequency Photoelectric Beam

Unifore photoelectric beam detectors: the best gear for perimeter security

Unifore has a nearly decade experience on developing and supplying security products. The recently released selectable frequency photoelectric beam detectors are the best gear for perimeter security. The whole product portfolio including ABT dual beam series, ABE triple beam series, and ABH quadruple beam series. They meet the requirements of outdoor perimeter monitoring and protection from small to large places such as house, villa, warehouse, critical infrastructures, construction site, rural farms, solar farm station, electricity substation.

Most reliable perimeter security solution 

Photoelectric beam detectors are trusted by both DIY users and professional installers. They are being deployed in many places, wherever you go basically you can find it. When you visit local museum, public park, or historic buildings, photoelectric beam detectors are installed up the electric fence. The photoelectric beam detectors operate 24 hourly to stop theft and intrusion. Comparing other perimeter security devices, merely using 4 pairs of photoelectric beam detectors, you can protect a 24.7 acre area. No wonder, so far photoelectric beam detectors are the most reliable yet cost-effective security equipment for perimeter monitoring and protection.

Photoelectric beam for home perimeter security

Advantages of selectable frequency photoelectric beam

Allowing users to adjust 4 different Infrared wavelength to avoid crosstalk interference that occurs when using multiple photoelectric beam detectors for long distance or beam stacking applications is the most worthwhile feature of Unifore 4-channel selectable photoelectric beam detectors. Comparing similar product from rivals, our photoelectric beam detector employs anti-white coat lens which can greatly reduce sun light interference, moreover, the product has built-in true AGC control circuit can automatically adjust power rate of IR helps detector to provide reliable detection under challenging weather conditions such as raining, snowing.

High quality security detectors

Unlike the most selling cheap photoelectric beam detectors, our 4-channel photoelectric beam detectors adopt high quality design to ensure the product operates outdoor for several years. The product adopts IP65 weatherproof design, they stand up not only bugs, dusts, but also the harsh weather conditions. Conventional photoelectric beam detectors usually don’t have waterproof design, there is a great possibility that rain drops leak into product causing equipment damage.

Beam interruption/Response time adjustable

Unifore 4-channel photoelectric beam detectors supports beam interruption time adjustment from 50ms to 700ms. Installers can easily adjust the time through DIP switches. By setting response time you can detect slow or fast moving objects accurately. The response time should be set lower to detect faster moving targets, however care should be taken to note the environment conditions as the response time should be set higher to ignore conditions where there are a lot of birds or wind blown material. For example, for climbing detection, users can set to 700ms, which the right value for detecting slow moving targets. If you use photoelectric beam detectors as the driveway alarm system, then you set the value to 100ms.

4-Channel Selectable Frequency Photoelectric Beam

Segment LED Display Simplifies Installation

Photoelectric beam sensor consists of one transmitter and one receiver. Alignment is a mandatory procedure for installation. Conventional photoelectric beam sensors use LED indicators to show the strength of Infrared. However, Unifore 4-channel selectable frequency photoelectric beam detectors adopt segment LED display design can clearly show the level of Infrared, which is more convenient for alignment.

Operate under extreme cold weather condition

Most burglary crimes occur at night in winter season. Traditional photoelectric beam sensors may stop operating due to snowing or even frozen. Unifore photoelectric beam products can work under temperature range from -20 Celsius degree to 60 Celsius degree. However, the product is able to connect with heater, so that it also operates under extreme cold condition area such as a place where temperature is below -20 Celsius degree.

Lightning Power Surge Protection

Almost 50% damage of photoelectric beam detectors is caused by unpredictable power surge or lightning. Unifore new generation photoelectric beam detector has adopt advanced anti-power surge and lightning protection design to assure its performance.  

Completely wireless perimeter alarm solution

Unifore provides you a flexible perimeter alarm solution, we provide both hardwired and wireless photoelectric beam products. Our wireless photoelectric beam detectors include all-in-one solar panel can convert solar energy to electricity then get its built-in battery recharged. The solar panel powered photoelectric beam detectors can operate 24 hourly, it lasts up to 15 days in continuous cloudy or rainy weather condition. Moreover, it has built-in wireless communicator, compatible with the most wireless alarm panels in market. Certainly, we also provide smart alarm panels to work with them. Our smart alarm panels support both Wi-Fi/Internet and Cellular communication, users can control the system through smartphone anywhere anytime. Security operators or home owners will receive instant push notification alerts, phone call, SMS when an alarm occurs. The smart alarm also complies Contact ID protocol, can be connected to alarm receiving center (ARC) of other security companies.