Solar powered wireless security camera HK-C5

Solar powered wire-free outdoor smart camera HK-C5

Introducing you the new generation wire-free smart camera HK-C5, HK-C5 is a 1080p FHD professional security camera for various outdoor video surveillance projects. The product adopts all-in-one design including a high power solar panel that provides main power for the camera. The product has 3xpcs batteries inside that can store power in the day time and enable it to work in the night.

Comparing to similar products in market, HK-C5 is an all-in-one camera that adopts Pro design, and it uses 18650 type batteries that can be easily replaced or upgraded without disassembling the camera. Furthermore, HK-C5 uses Tuya IoT platform that promises fast and stable connection, and offering integrated security, home automation solution as extra benefits.  

What does this mean? It means the HK-C5 is able to work with various of security devices (e.g. burglar sensor, PIR motion sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, smart socket, smart light, flood sensor, smart doorbell, contact sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor, methane alarm, luminance sensor, CO2 detector, vibration sensor, pressure sensor, VOC sensor, heat sensor, water valve controller, irrigator, smart meter, liquid level sensor...etc).

Truly smart camera with accurate motion detection

Unlike conventional outdoor cameras that eithe rrely on video analysis or PIR motion sensor, HK-C5 has a microwave radar built-in to support accurate motion detection. The microwave radar is also refered to proximity sensor can accurately detect the movement or presence of objects. Comparing to the Passive infrared motion detecting technology, proximity sensor is immune to envrionment changes hence it's more suitable for outdoor environment. When motion detection occurs, the camera can start to record video and notify users through instant push notification.

HK-C5 Solar Powered Battery Security Camera
HK-C5 Solar Powered Battery Security Camera

Local memory card storage plus cloud storage plan

HK-C5 has a microSD card slot built-in to support edge video storage, users can insert a TF memory card to the camera, it will record video according to your recording settings. In addition to local video storage, the camera also can support cloud storage, it's an optional service which is offered by Tuya.

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